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Hey, another Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself T shirt from I’ve added it to my Funny Due Date T Shirt page in which I guessed what shirts would be developed in response to the movie, starring comedy God, Zach Galifianakis.

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This is a quick heads up. I just posted a review of the Crunchy Badger t shirt shop. They have some obscure shirts and a cool way to celebrate cinematic brilliance that you need to check out. You have never seen anything like it before. At first I didn’t get it, but when I did it started to grow on me, and now I really like the concept. Go check out what I’m talking about.

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Apparently, Oliver Reed was a famous actor in the UK. And he was beloved because he was a drunkard and a  straight shooter and a tough guy on screen and off.  He died in 1999, yet he pops up on a funny t shirt in 2010. That’s iconic staying  power.

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Billy over at Snicker Tees just let me know that this Check Yo’Self Before You Wreck Yo’Self referencing the soon to be released Due Date Movie has been out since August 2010.

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F-Bomb Joe Biden T Shirt

by on September 12, 2010

Let me introduce you to Tshirt Laundry with this very fine example of a funny political t shirt. Biden will live in infamy because of his not so smooth f bomb in Obama’s ear that was picked by microphones that we’re recording for national news organizations.

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Happy 1st Sunday of the NFL season day. This is like a major holiday for football fans. Now, let’s relate this important day in professional football to t shirts, because that’s what I do.

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Got an email to review a new T Shirt shop, which happens every once in a while. I clicked the link expecting to see the same ol’ Busted/Snorg Tees rip offs, but lo and behold Homebrewed Tees brings it fresh and delicious like any finely crafted home brew.

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Hey, it’s Earth Day. What better way to celebrate than getting naked and sudsy with your favorite shower buddy. Bonus points if you wear glasses while showering and/or have a mustache, hairy back, puffy and/or feathered hair. This all takes this partner showing experience to the next level, plus makes you look even greener, which is always a good way to pick up some wanted attention at whatever Earth Day gathering you choose to attend. After all, that is what those things are all about. Right? Gettin’ laid. Am I right?

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Boy oh boy is that true. If I don’t have perfect chain tension, I’m a morose piece of shit. Whiny, grumpy, touchy, and argumentative. Problem is I can’t get that shit right, so I have to take it into the shop, which is cool because a good bike shop feels sorta like home annex. Laid back vibe and grease under the nails. But, if my happiness, depends on the work of somebody else, that may be an issue.

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El Sluto Tshirt

by on April 18, 2010

I’m liking the mix of Mexican Wresting (Lucha Libre), the English aesthetic, and hand-drawn poster art. This is a good shirt and you should probably get El Sluto Mexican Wrestling Tshirt, just to a have a little taste of the glory. Remember to use the code TSHIRTGROOVE to get a 15% discount on your purchase.

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I dig this shirt a lot, because as you all know I’m a sucker for wordplay. And this is genuine word-picture play at it’s finest. Switzerland has always been in the back of my mind as an entity to emulate. Basically, they’ve mastered the three main rules of life:

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You know the first step to being a true revolutionary is to be brutally honest with yourself. Don’t pose like you know who historic revolutionaries are if you don’t Don’t act like you’ve been to the school of hard knocks. Don’t fake like you just smoked a crack pipe…’cuz you didn’t.

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