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Hey, when you can’t play the XBOX it is basically a matter of life and death. There’s not much more disappointment in life than seeing those beautiful green rings turn red and your shit turn off permanently. All those achievements. All the hours. All that hard work to rise up in the ranks with your geeky buds across the Live globe. Gone.

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Hey, if you’re goin’ that way and takin’ aliens back to the rondevouz point, might as well pile on as many as can hang on. I’m sure there’s no weight limit to ET’s powers of bike levitation. I mean he could pick up a half dozen bikes, all but one he wasn’t even riding on.

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Undead Gamer T Shirt

by on April 17, 2011

Hey, who says you have to give up gaming when you die or even when you become part of the undead masses. You obviously do not, consider this shirt is a real photograph, taken of a real undead gamer. This is proof so go ahead and keep up your skills as long as you can because the after life or the undead life is also all about improving your skills and kicking ass.

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Poor George Lucas. Everybody thought that Chewbacca Wookie character was straight from the fertile imagination of George, but in reality it was a way he could express his true self through cinema. You see, he grows that much hair every night, and has to get up two hours early every morning just to look presentable. He keeps a thick due on top and a beard on the face to cover the fact that he’s chinless. This George’s Secret T Shirt finally brings the truth to light.

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If you play the game that is referenced in this shirt with the little baby dragon and the big egg, then you will love that there’s a little dream here with all the horrible creatures and pitfalls that get in the way of being successful at the game. Obviously, I have no idea what this game is. Looks sort of like Super Mario Galaxy Dino Piranha, but I really don’t have the extra eight minutes it’s going to take me to randomly happen upon a good description of this game with pics, so I can match them up to what’s going on with this Bad Dreams T Shirt.

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Start from the monkey. Become more upright. Pick up the first weapon (a jagged stone). Grow a mullet and make a spear. Cut your hair stand up straighter and develop gun technology. Finally, burn yourself to shit, have your arm hacked off, created an artificial respirator mask and a develop a leather (or is that vinyl) uniform, and, of course, master the greatest weapon ever invented, the light saber. Of course you have the Evolution of Evil T Shirt here and it is magnificent.

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I do not know who this dude is but he’s ’bout ready to chomp on an apple, and in my book that’s not evil at all. But, I guess if you think pieces of fruit are sentient beings or that apples have feelings or at least apple trees, then maybe the sentiment on this Not Evil Just Hungry T Shirt clashes with your eating ideology. Of course, you’re killing 100,000s of micro-organisms as you sit there mouth breathing and reading this with your lips moving.

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Just so you know 8008135 looks like boobies on a calculator on in the time machine control panel. Very funny. You have the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine and they’re punching in the numbers, except that instead of a normal destination date they punch in the old digital numbers boobies trick. That’s very nice and you know it, which is why you are so tempted to just say F It and by this Back to the 8008135 T Shirt despite what your mom, gramma, aunt, sister, and Ms. Fafenhooper, your English teacher, think.

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The Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation has a message for you and they hope to keep you on the straight and narrow. Otherwise, if a critical mass of the nation becomes addicted to drugs, the United States goes down in flames. There is no way to police all of the mayhem that drug-fueled masses would produce.

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3 Werewolves T Shirt

by on April 13, 2011

Those are some beasty sinewy werewolves howling at a blood red moon that looks somewhat like an organ from a mammal. Plus, you have a scary dead tree, vampire bats flying around, big sharp teeth, fiery red eyes, and menacing nostril steam, to make this one of the spookiest shirts I’ve ever seen. The 3 Werewolves T Shirt is especially insidious because it is mimicking the ubiquitous three wolves concept, which is such iconic imagery for togetherness, soulfulness, and metaphysical exploration. I mean that’s what I feel when I see those magnificent beasts howling at the full moon.

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I like calling a gun a boomstick, and I like that the S-Mart Sporting Goods Department has this very fine 12-gauge, Double Barrel, Walnut Stock, Cobalt Blue Steel with a hair trigger for the excellent price of $109.95. But, that’s not all. You also get the chainsaw for only $9.95 with a purchase of a Boomstick. You have to be crazy not to take advantage of that deal.

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Can someone help me out with this one? I think the GI Bullet T Shirt looks cool on its own without knowing any back story, but if I know Split Reason, then I know that there’s a story behind this. It’s part of a video game. It’s a mashup of some sort. I did my requisite 18 seconds of Internet research and could only find some GI Joe related things, like GI Joe’s friend GI Man, the human bullet. Dude was hooked up on a string and had a special metal helmet that made his head look like a bullet and he could blast through things.

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