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Pizza Entrance T Shirt

by on February 20, 2013


Get This Shirt from Topatoco

I love this shirt. The lips. The teeth. The font. The color. And the concept of calling this gaping hole of a mouth, the pizza entrance. Funny. Simple. Easily accessible. One glance and people know exactly what this shirt is about and it makes them happy, especially since pizza is comfort food.

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P-Day T Shirt

by on February 19, 2013


Get This Shirt From Saucewear

It’s like D-Day, except with beer girls dropping out of planes with parachutes to deliver refreshing alcoholic beverages. And, instead of June 6, we’re talking about March 17, because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and you need to be prepared to wage an all-out assault on thirst. And you need to look good — wearing this tee — while you’re at it.

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When Pigs Fly T Shirt

by on February 18, 2013


Get this Shirt From GLMR KLLS
(or with vowels…Glamour Kills)

You hear the phrase on occasion  When Pigs Fly, and usually it’s the thing the crushes your dreams. You will not get top billing in that amazing production, unless pigs fly. You won’t get the Charger from your parents, because your dad said you’ll get that car when pigs fly. You won’t be able to kiss Bobby at the dance, because he’ll only go when pigs fly.

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Hybrid T Shirt

by on February 17, 2013


Get this Shirt from Concrete Coast

I like this one. If you live on the coast and are into the skate AND surf culture this makes a whole lotta sense. The city skyline connected to the ocean waves with a quarter pipe. Generally, the palm tree and ocean images are related to just surfing, but surely there are those that are into both. I mean they’re different sports, but both involve standing on boards.

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Get this Shirt from Branded Baron

I like this words to live by shirt. Basically, it’s telling the world to have some substance, letting the world figure out the details. Now, if the world doesn’t have time to figure out the details, I have additional thoughts to add to this great advice.

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Neon Elephant T Shirt

by on February 12, 2013


Get This Shirt From a blank expression

I feel like I’m in Las Vegas on Ecstasy when I look at this design. The disembodied elephant head exudes the love but there’s this faint, lingering neon light on the skin that I can’t quite shake. Or maybe it’s mescaline on the Serengeti. I gotta figure this out, but it might take 17 years and some hard living to do so.

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No Logic Slag T Shirt

by on February 11, 2013


Get This Shirt From No Logic

It’s obvious somebody over there at No Logic has a great eye. This red logo “slag” tee also looks sweet. The concept is so simple, but very well executed. Also, side note to all you fledgling apparel shops out there. If you’re going to put out a bunch of stuff with your logo on it, you better have an awesome logo in look and name.

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Get This Shirt From La Fraise

Ah, first date and the full moons are out. How serendipitous and beautiful. I wonder how this two met. Would be extra poignant if it was during an epic struggle between good and evil. I guess the families don’t know yet, since this is only a first date, but I wonder if there will be issues with the cross-species coupling?

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Obama T Shirt

by on February 9, 2013


Get this Shirt From SMPLFD

I’ve always liked this photo of Obama. Very debonair and Rebel without a Cause. Add the pixelization of the eye area and it adds an odd air of mystery, which is unsettling, yet inviting. I like it. Cool shirt. Just don’t wear it around kids, because you’ll basically be forcing them to pick up a smoking habit because the Prez looks so damn cool doing it.

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Flavorful Fiesta T Shirt

by on February 9, 2013


Get this Shirt from Fuzzy Ink

This is such a joyous scene. So, much good times all in this one captured moment. And this combination is quite a duo. Chip and salsa. Delicious. And fun. Plus, you have shakers, and a guitar, and great music, and sombreros. But, let’s not miss the most important part of this design….MUSTACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Get this Shirt From Seventh Ink

At the time of posting, this tee is on sale for 50% off and out of print, so once they’re gone….THEY’RE GONE! Nice wordplay accompanied by a beautifully ugly design, if that makes any sense. When you think of moldy, green bread rising from the underworld, you don’t often think eye-pleasing design, but this shirt pulls it off.

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D3PO T Shirt

by on February 4, 2013


Get this shirt from Skate Mental

Hey, it’s C3PO wearing all the skating safety gear and holding his board, which looks a great deal like R2D2, which is either cute or horrific. Cute if he got his best buddy’s likeness on his board, or horrific, if he got R2 melted down and re-shaped into a metal board.

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