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The classic Red Face Angry Birds t shirt is like the basic starter Angry Birds T Shirts collection starter. It’s almost a prerequisite that you own this one before you are allowed to get any others. I might be wrong about that but I suggestion you look at the Angry Birds shirt ownership club manual and make sure you’re collecting by the book.

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Is this a disguise that the pig wears in the game? Or is his real look? Or has the moustache been applied to the evil green pig just for this Pig Moustache Angry Birds T Shirt? I need to know these things, so if you know you have to share your knowledge. Help out the community of readers on this site that get all their pop culture information from my completely ignorant reviews of shirts.

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Hey, whenever you can call to mind Charlie Sheen and the most popular mobile app in the history of mobile apps on the same shirt you have to do it. That’s exactly what this Winning Angry Birds T Shirt does. Charlie Sheen kind of commandeered the word winning in one of his rants emanating out of one of his many recorded psychotic breaks.

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If I knew one thing about Angry Birds I might be able to tell you if this Shoot for the Stars Angry Birds T Shirt calls to mind a certain level in the game. Maybe you get all your eggs from the evil pigs, then it’s time to move on toward new horizons. Is this how it works? Or is this just a general shoot for the stars message, encouraging you to continue playing and becoming as awesome as you can at Angry Birds.

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When you have an issue with your heart, you don’t go to a general practitioner, you go to a cardiologist. Right? Generalists are great when you don’t have a specific need, but when you need the best you go to a specialist. That is what Angry Birds T Shirts is. They only do one thing: Angry Birds Tees. Nothing else. They realize that there is enough interest in the Angry Birds that they can have a thriving business with a website that sells nothing but Angry Birds shir

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Whenever you can mashup one of the most iconic crime, drug, gangster films with the most addictive app in the iTunes store you have to do it, especially for the kids. I mean Tony Montana is angry just like those birds, and neither likes the pigs. Get it pigs. Ha Ha. Anyway, that black and white portrait  with red lettering is spectacular and has stood the test of time for the Scarface franchise, which maybe is a slightly overrated movie, but it has garnered acceptance and adulation in every corner of the globe by every race, religion, and creed. OK that may have overstated a bit, but I see Scarface jackets and tees in the ghetto all the time, so that means something. The film is 28 years old. Pacino did the thing. It’s timeless.

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Hey, there’s a great Angry Birds T Shirts site out there on the Internet and I just posted a review about them.

They do a good job getting the essence of the Angry Birds, which seeps into your soul and veins, and no you can have that addictive stuff on t shirts as well. Go check the review.

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I just worked out a deal with Angry Birds T-Shirts for a 20% coupon applied to your order. If you are a big fan of the Angry Birds game then it stands to reason that you would want a shirt or two to let the world know you’re addicted. These guys are the best in the business at these tees, so definitely check ’em out.

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Gump Tees Coupon Code

by on August 13, 2011

Coupon Code: SAS15PCTOFF [Use it]
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Gump Tees has a rockin’ name. Combine that with the fact that they’re offering 15% off with this coupon and you have to be thinking to yourself, I have to be crazy not to go for this offer. Trouble is it ends super soon. Jump on it.

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Jump on this right now!  You can get 15% off at Nowherebad when you use code GoApe at checkout. It’s only good through the rest of today (Friday, August 5), so you better hurry.

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I’m not Jewish but after 14 seconds of Internet research I’ve come to appreciate the concept of Chai. No not the spicy Indian tea. I’m talking about the Hebrew word Chai that some say refers to the living God, or the Jewish focus on life, rather than not living in order to score a better afterlife like some other religions seem to espouse.

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