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I like this. I like the empty TV stand with a few random remotes strewn about, and, of course, the DVD player, or is that a DVR. Whatever, you get home sit down in your comfy chair and whammo, you have no TV. No Chopped. No CSI Bangladesh. No Laverne and Shirley 2011. Sad.

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There is something really pleasing about this Beware of Introverts T Shirt. May be the cool little party dudes with teeth and hats. The one on the shelves rolling his eyes. I imagine that Jungle Love by The Time is playing right there. Then there’s the one that’s lost his hat because he is off the chain partying. Then there’s the puker. There’s always a puker. He’s a light weight and he drank a 5th of Scotch. Bad combination.

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Hey, if you’re on the hook for millions of kids’ happiness every year, you’re gonna need a little somethin’ somethin’ to take the edge off. Am I right? And, if you’re a larger than life personality like Santa, a little weed or Valium is not enough. So, give him a break, and cut the cookies and milk crap. Leave him something that will really do him some good.

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Voted Romania’s Best Pole Dancing Since 1456. If you don’t get this then I’m going to have to teach you a little history. Vlad was known as Vlad the Impaler because he executed so many people in Romania back in the day. Now, follow with me here. Part of his deal was impaling people’s heads on poles as a deterrant to other enemies or rogue citizens. If you’re about to do something Vlad didn’t like, you’d think twice because no matter how good looking you are, nobody looks their best with a severed head stuck on the tip of a pole.

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This Propeller Beanie Chimp T shirt is the perfect gift for that impossible to buy for person on your list, who seems to have everything. They do not have this shirt. But they should. First of all, it features a chimp and that’s awesome. Next, that chimp is wearing one of those beanie hats with the propellers, which makes the chimp doubly awesome. Finally, this wonderful design by Tee Tower is printed up on American Apparel shirt stock, which is the best stuff you’re gonna find.

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So, what we have here is Twantard, an artistic endeavor from the UK. The shirt is a shoe with a dude hoppin’ around in it with big teeth, and that’s cool, but I can’t get past my first notion of Twantard being a word for a very rich man that squanders his money.

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There’s a crew over in Manchester, England called Got the T Shirt that is pumping out some shirts you probably need to take a look at, especially if you want to get that Manchester flavor on your chest. Lot’s of local color. Quotes from footballers. References to scores from Man Utd vs. Man City matches. Words of wisdom from Vinnie Jones. Shit I don’t even understand, which makes it even cooler…like a tee with a mustache that says Bang Tidy.

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Ohiya seems to be a site that offers t-shirts with this ridiculously cute characters designed by artist Jason Tharp. Apparently, the thing is that you wear these and you automatically make friends. Why? Because, who can ignore you when you’re wearing bunny  and mouse zombies. In fact, Ohiya’s tagline is “The Art of Making Friends.”

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I like the style of Tuesday Tees. Let me tell you why. First I like the name. I don’t know if there’s a Twitter phenomenon with hash tag TuesdayTees, but if there is Tuesday Tees is smart to capitalize by naming their company after it. If there isn’t a thing on Twitter, then there will be, because this funny shirt outfit has some terrific tees, which I’ll get into later.

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Sorry about the sophomoronic humor in the header there. But, you know what. It’s honest. That’s where I’m at. 40 and on the brink of a mid-life crisis. Scatological humor is my bread and butter at this particular time. But, enough about me. Let’s review this Fibers site that sells a ton of shirts.

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Fibers is an eco-conscious t-shirt retailer that pre-designed tees along with design your own. I just went on sabbatical for 7 weeks, focusing mainly on getting this Fibers Review put together, because I had conflicting views on their shop, until I stepped away from the daily grind, stripped away all me preconceptions, and focused on what Fibers really brought to the World Wide Table.

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