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This I Hate Pants T Shirt seems to be super hot. Rizzo Tees can barely keep the things in stock. See all this Occupy This and Occupy That is monopolizing the headlines, along with the hard hitting celebrity sunglasses updates you see all the time, but the underground movement that is really picking up steam without a lot of fanfare is the no pants coalition.

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Damn! Did you hear what this I’m the Mayor of Your Mom on Foursquare T Shirt just said about your momma? I wouldn’t take that at all. If that was me I’d totally mess that shirt up, because that’s disrespectful. What are you gonna do about it?

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Not sure why Thunderies Tees is calling this one Eagle Owl T Shirt, but I think it’s a pretty cool design so I’m featuring it right here on this blog. Right now I am typing about the Eagle Owl Tee from Thunderies Tees.

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24 Tee is another one of these shirt a day t-shirt shops, but they differentiate themselves with really clean, really cool designs.

Basically, they post a shirt at midnight and you have 24 hours to purchase. Otherwise, it’s gone and you live with bitter regret for the rest of your miserable days. What I’m saying is…unless you have cash in hand and are ready to make a purchase right when you hit the site, you better not even go. The disappointment of seeing a shirt you like — they pump out a lot of great ones — and forgetting to get it within the allotted time is a terrible, terrible feeling.

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This here is a very fine t-shirt from Uncle Cletus. I have been on my high, political horse lately, trying to make points about things I don’t really understand. Sounding indignant. Warning of impending doom. And encouraging people to fight back against the Oligarchy and growing fascist state. Of course, I’m just sitting here wondering how many of the Commodores were gay, and eating Fritos, which is pretty much my nightly ritual.

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I love this Employee of the Month T Shirt. It’s such a beautiful idea to wear this one to your job, because of the confusion that will ensue. Your boss will think to herself, when did we start doing this? I don’t remember that meeting or email. Did they announce it at staff day? Or was it at the weekly roundtable meeting. God there’s too much to keep track of around here.

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This From the Ashes T Shirt is an astronaut with a halo of ash enveloping him. Probably similar to what it really looked like walking on the moon in a lunar haze. The subject on this shirt also looks like a smudged negative of a picture of an astronaut with a weird kind of lunar glow. Sunlight bouncing off moon dust.

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I look at the Llama on this Llama Love T Shirt and I can only think about Napoleon Dynamite and their pet llama out in the sticks of Idaho. He’s feeding the poor animal ham and other lovely bits of table scraps: “eat the food!”  I just saw the movie again, so that’s probably why I’m thinking about it.  It’s one of the greatest comedy films ever.

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I can’t quite put my finger on why I like this shirt. There is some element that really draws me. Maybe it’s a subliminal thing. Or maybe it’s the colors. Or geez I just can’t quite wrap my mind around what is so appealing. Is anyone else having this sort of visceral reaction to this Girl Vs. Robot T shirt?

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No I’m not selling Elvis name tags. No I’m not angling for a role in Bubba Ho-Tep 2. What I am doing is bringing attention to a great Hello My Name is Elvis Name Tag T Shirt. And, here’s why I’m doing it. Big Nut Tees let me know they had a collection of awesome t-shirts, so I went over there to check out the goods. Lo and behold I found this Elvis Name Tag garment, which makes perfect sense for this time of year, because, after Vince Guaraldi, Elvis put out the best Xmas music, as long as you skip the overtly Christian and stick with the secular pop tunes. He just brings too much gravity to the religious stuff, where he’s playful and swingin’ with light-hearted holiday fare.

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Sometimes you just need to pick up a hand-stenciled Monster Truck T Shirt and wear it on random occasions.

Am I right? I think I am. You may not even be into monster trucks or hand-stenciled designs, but that’s the beauty of it. Next time you go to a house party, they ask to take your coat, and you say “of course,” revealing this cool shirt as you hand it to them to throw on the master bed. They’ll give a double take, but not have time to ask you about it, because they have more coats to grab.

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Sometimes all you need is words on a t-shirt like this one. This is funny and it’s true, which is why So Far I Seem to Be Immortal T Shirt is a tee that you should own within the next two weeks.

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