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Very nice Harry Potter shirt right here. Talk about keeping his cool in trying situations. Harry was quick on his feet and dealt with extraordinary circumstances with aplomb. This is why this Keep Calm and Carry a Wand T Shirt exists. To help you remember the triumph over evil of the students at Hogwarts against overwhelming odds.

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You gotta like the silly wordplay here. That is a pretty sweet pad, though I would think you wouldn’t want to make your house out of something you love to eat. I mean, I can’t even have food in the pantry that I like to eat, but I’m not allowed to eat on my slow carb diet. Why? Because I’ll frickin’ eat it, break my diet, and turn into the fattest tub of lard on my block. That’s why.

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Hey look at those boys having a good ol’ time. Makes me think back to my happy and fancy free days of yore. Ah youth. Chip and Chet are having a great time with a pair of hobnail boots for Chip and Chet’s face. It’s fun!

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Tee Fury $6 Shirts

by on March 19, 2012

There’s a wild TeeFury sale going on March 20 from midnight to midnight. You give them the size and quantity and TeeFury will send you a random shirt for only $6. Their shirts are normally $10, so this is a great deal, and Tee Fury has some amazing designs, so you bound to be pleased with surprise. The sale goes through March 20 until stock sells out.

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You have less than 10 hours to grab this sweet Casper the Friendly Rider T Shirt from The Yetee. This beauty was designed by Steve Anderson of Seven Hundred fame. Love the tagline: “Vengeance is Adorable.”

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The Norfolk State Spartans upset a heavily favored Missouri in the March Madness 2012 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. It was only the third time a #15 seed beat a #2 seed (of course, it happened again later last night). Needless to say the folks in Norfolk, West Virginia are pretty excited. Just kidding, I have no idea where Norfolk State is, but now that I type that I feel like it’s an obligation that I figure this out. Hold on a second.

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Welcome to 2012, where a 15-seed beats a 2-seed in the March Madness NCAA tournament and the t-shirt comes out a few hours later. Lehigh beat Duke 75-70 to become the third #15 to beat a #2. Of course, this brings up the brutally harsh memory of my Arizona Wildcats losing to Steve Nash’s Santa Clara team in the FIRST #2 over #15 upset.

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Dude sorta looks like he’s in his jammies, jammin’ to the beat of his drumming. I was trying to make some clever wordplay with to the beat of a different drum, except the different drum is his drum, and he’s the one making the beats. I let it ferment in my mind for like 15 seconds and nothing came, so I copped out and just did this rambling meta description of my thought process. Sorry for the second rate t-shirt blogging right there. I’ll try harder.

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By the hour or by the day. Does Frank wash these t-shirts after they are returned from a hard-days rental, or does he just throw them in piles (according to size) and pull them out wet and rank for the next customer? Tough to say as I’ve never been to Frank’s establishment. I imagine it’s by the beach somewhere, and sometimes people find themselves at the beach without a t-shirt, which, frankly, is a terrible predicament.

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Nice gas mask. Nice concept. You want people to be aware that the courtesy toilet flush is always something they should be on the lookout for. It’s something you need to be proactive with. Actually, now that I think about it, I have no idea what the courtesy flush is. Is it the flush you do as a visitor to someone else’s home when you have about 3 bowl’s full of excrement to purge from your system, but you don’t want to clog the toilet and make it overflow, so that there’s brown bog water soaking that cute little shag shower mat and threatening to spread under the door and into the hallway toward the childrens’ rooms?

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What an odd little shirt we have here from Twantard. Of course, all their tees are a little off kilter. This looks like the Teddy Bear you see floating across the room when you’re tripping on fair to middlin’ acid. It’s not a bad trip, but it ain’t electric Kool-Aid if you know what I mean. The story on this shirt is about this bear going on a killing spree, which doesn’t seem that far fetched when you look deep into those bugged out eyes, and visualize touching that technicolor fur.

If you are ashamed of missing your teddy bear from childhood this Teddy Bear T shirt may be the way to go, because you still get a teddy, but it’s a slightly scary teddy, which proves that your no longer an insecure baby…just a nutty grown up.

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Um. How is the main dude over at Rizzo Tees not locked up for eight concurrent life sentences for this brutal attack on an innocent dog animal. He could murder somebody for real and get life in prison but paroled in 10 years, but creating this Skeet Shoot with Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua T Shirt potentially has him rotting in prison for life.

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