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Leprechaun T Shirt

by on March 12, 2013


Get This Shirt from Solid Threads

Hey, look at that, you’re the lucky Leprechaun. Do you realize how much good will you can build up during a long St. Patty’s Day bar crawl session if you are THE LEPRECHAUN? Especially, if you’re giving thumbs up and drinking a pint. This is very festive stuff right here.

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Get this Bundle from Le Rage Shirts

Check out this sweet deal on The Walking Dead T-shirt bundle. Get all four of these terrific designs for one low price.

You get…

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piggy-plunge-t-shirtThere are some great designs in the Omunky Farm Series, which you can invest in over at Kickstarter. This is a great opportunity to help out an Indie Shirt Shop. But, more importantly you have a chance to take your “look” to the next level. These shirt designs are absolutely beautiful…vibrant…and colorful. And the animals look like they could be your best buddies.

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Get This Shirt from Paste

Whoa. Now that’s a wacky one. But, you could almost see it happening in real life. Cat gets up from a nap. Bats a rubber band along the floor for two minutes, making sure you don’t actually think she cars about batting it. Then, when you walk away she sneaks in the closet, climbs your vinyl tower of shoes, and slips into the rib cage of your grandpa, who demanded in his will that you keep his skeleton intact for your own scientifical edification.

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Get This Shirt From Too Fast

2Kool2BTrue. That skeleton is tearin’ it up on the mariachi, though it sort of looks like a straight up guitar. How about if this is the way you go out when you die. No supreme love beckoning you to walk toward the light. No pearly gates. No angels or devils. Just this super badass mariachi skeleton playing and singing you into your grave.

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Time Flies T Shirt

by on March 4, 2013


Get this Shirt From Orcus

Time may fly, but that crow or raven ain’t going much further in the air with all those arrows sticking in him. Or maybe he’s like a super bird or becomes invincible when he drinks the Orcus Brand No Champions Spirits.

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What’s the name of your shop? Your name? Your role?

My name is Matthew Johnson and I’m the lone wolf behind the indie clothing and art brand known as Seventh.Ink.

Where did the name Seventh.Ink come from?

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Tessier Ashpool T Shirt

by on February 27, 2013


Get this Shirt from Ban T-Shirts

If you’re into William Gibson’s Neuromancer, then you know where this tee is coming from, and I don’t have to pull out my subliminal tricks to get you hot and bothered and ready to pull out your credit card. You’ve already done it.

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Cold World T Shirt

by on February 26, 2013


Get this Shirt From Capitl Clothing

Let me repeat. I have a thing for skulls and this is a great skull. It’s like you die and the afterlife is an eternal DMT trip. It’s perfectly clear when you’re in the death trip with waves of bright color and euphoric understanding. But, on the outside we get glimpses of what it might be, but really there’s this icy veil that muddles true understanding.

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Ardilla Karate T Shirt

by on February 24, 2013

ardilla-karate-t-shirtGet this Shirt From Supremebeing

Does Ardilla mean squirrel in Spanish. Yes, I believe it does. This squirrel does kind of look like a badass in that ready-for-anything stance. Plus, have you looked at a squirrel up close. Packed full of muscle, which I guess makes sense, because they spend most of their days sprint climbing up trees, fences, telephone poles. That will get you ripped. Ask a gymnast.

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Hard and Fast T Shirt

by on February 23, 2013


Get this Shirt From Breathe Atlantic

I like this one. You can take it in so many ways. My mind, of course, first went to Vin Diesel gay porn, but the folks over at Breathe Atlantic mentioned that they got the words from an old way of describing a ship beached on land. Right! But, hey. Their shirt shop conjures up fishermen and nets and floppy fish, so maybe they’re being forthright.

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Ed Wood Jr T Shirt

by on February 23, 2013


Get this Shirt From Santa Carla Boardwalk

You gotta like a shirt that features the immortal camp horror movie director Ed D Wood Jr. Why? Because he was awesome, while wearing women’s sweaters, and the Tim Burton film, Ed Wood, starring Johnny Deep, was kind of awesome.

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