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Jive Strong T Shirt

by on August 1, 2012

Get This Shirt from Mindfull

A mashup of the Lance Armstrong cancer foundation Live Strong and the jive talkers in the movie Airplane. Doesn’t get much more random than that, and that’s why I love this shirt.

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Get This Shirt from Etsy

You HAVE seen If not, go there now and come back when you’ve had your fill of unbridled absurdity. Then, go back there again tomorrow, and repeat this exercise for a couple of weeks. Then come back here as a OTH lifer, and get the t-shirt, which will be essential for your new radical style.

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Nihilism T Shirt

by on July 30, 2012

Get This Shirt from Pud Tees

Would Sir Like sarcasm with that or just plain old fashioned nihilism. These lo fi totally absurd shirts from Pud Tees really get to me. I don’t understand them at all, but I can feel them deeply, so they resonate and make me shake my head in wonder. Tell me what you think of them.

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Get This Shirt From Pud Tees

I’m not even going to pretend that I understand what the hell this shirt means. There are six dudes with sideburns, assorted pipes, and glasses. Perhaps we’re talking about a lusty bunch of Englishmen with hair issues. Whatever the case, if Pud Tees is supporting them, I’ll stand up for the cause as well. Will you? Best way is to buy this random ass shirt.

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le ninja t shirt

by on July 21, 2012

Get This Shirt from Le Ninja

I love this ninja with the headband. So simple in appearance, yet so complex in his mind. You don’t see everything going on in there, but you can feel it when you wear the shirt. Go check this brand out and bump you’re own ninja meter up at least 36 degrees.

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Get This Shirt From Tilteed

Tilteed is one of those short sale window sites, where to get the best deal you have to act quick. Right now they have a very odd shirt featuring a boomerang, which you may like if you’re into curved sticks and weirdness.

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If you’re into shock shirts then this design from Kill a Thrill is an answer to your prayers (to Satan). Check out the realistic blood splattered across the shoulder area. You will really look like you suffered a serious injury. Of course, the shock value is increased 83% if you can stay out of the sun for like 3 months, so you’re pale as an alabaster whale, so while you’re stumbling around wearing this tee (because you’re drunk as can be), you’ll really look like you have been violently injured, causing you to go into shock and lose a lot of blood. Come on do it. It’s a great ice breaker at parties.

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What’s your name, and the name of your shop?

Micha Weinblatt and Josh Fein.

Crooked Monkey T-shirts.

Any significance to the name Crooked Monkey other than it’s kooky and fun to say?

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There are $12 tees over at Tshirt Laundry now through July 9. That’s a great deal in celebration of the United States’ Independence. Take advantage before you forget.


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This is kind of funny. Not everyone does accept the high fives from strangers so it’s good to spell it out up front, so the high fiver feels comfortable. I mean, you never know when something awesome is going to happen and you’re going to need to high five. Sporting events are pretty obvious places to be ready to accept and give out high fives. But, what about weddings? The bride and groom might want to celebrate in this way.

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Fortune Favors the Brave (FFTB) is a company from Scotland, so reserve judgment on this Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls T Shirt. I think the equivalent food in the United States would be some kind of sausage bisquit with the convenience of a corn dog. Again, don’t hold this odd food choice against them, they’re from Scotland for God’s sake.

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Goodform is out of Germany and they’ve put together a catalog of very interesting designs, including this Fishing Future T Shirt featuring a fish head and bones floating around. Still looks like he’s alive because there are bubbles in the water around him, but perhaps what we’re seeing here is the devastation that widespread pollution is going to cause. The fish will survive because of evolution, but they’ll have no meat on the bones.

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