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Get This Shirt from Made With Awesome

I like this one, because I like Harry Potter and Ziggy Stardust, and when you combine them the goodness increases exponentially. Pretty sweet. You get it right? Harry Potter had a mark in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forward, which he received during the between his parents and Voldemort.

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Get This Shirt from Ugmonk

I really like this ampersand design and green color. It’s a V-neck, which is something I’m not prepared to wear, because I’m super hairy and old, but for all you strapping young fellas out there with smoove chestees, this could very well be the look that takes you to the next level of fashionable. If I wasn’t cheating and looking at Ugmonk’s site, I would never have spelled Ampersand correctly. I’m always compelled to add a “t,” which brings me back to this shirt….ha ha ha. Get it?

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Horn Man T Shirt

by on August 17, 2012

Get This Shirt from Hello Fresco

There’s a real strange vibe to Hello Fresco shirt designs. It’s not menacing or dangerous, just super odd. And that’s why I like ’em and you should too. That dude is blowing into some modified tuba with his turquoise sunglasses, beard, and white pants. You gotta be a bad ass to pull off a stunt like that, especially in public.

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Get This Shirt From Super Hero Stuff

Not sure how those breasts work anatomically speaking. That would take a lot of silicon and perhaps the best bra in the work to make a pair that large that perky, but it’s fantasy super hero world we’re talkin’ here, so Elektra can have whatever mammeries she wants, especially armed with those scary swords.

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Get This Shirt From Super Hero Stuff

Thor is doing what he does best in this design. Dropping that awesome hammer that he carries with him at all times. Pretty sweet if you’re a Thor fan, and I know you are.

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Get This Shirt From Super Hero Stuff

You’ve seen the Bazinga T Shirt before, but have you seen one with an attached cape. That’s pretty special, and I’m pretty sure Sheldon Cooper would swoon if he found this in one of his fastidious clothes drawers. What about you? Does this offering geek you out?

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Get This Shirt From Project Shirt

Another Ames Bros. offering. At first I thought the handshake was in 3D because of the colors, but I don’t think that’s the case. This shirt doesn’t come with any special glasses. Still, a cool shirt, and probably something I’d like to wear to work, giving my coworkers an opportunity to scoff at me. That’s a solid handshake.

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Get This Tee From Project Shirt

Cute Ames Bros. t-shirt right here with the Christian fish that sprouted feet. Reminds me of Robert Crumb’s work in look and the “Keep on” language which harkens back to his Keep On Truckin’ stuff. I like the colors too. Get it.

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Get This Shirt from Project Shirt

I, like every pre-pubescent teenager and Day of the Dead devotee, love skulls. Especially, cool looking skulls with personality, like this spray paint dude with the glasses, and the really pointy smile teeth.

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Get This Shirt From TopatoCo

Looks like H.P. Lovecraft’s creation, the Cthulhu, ran into some angry Avengers. Not sure why they’d pick on this guy, but it’s obvious Hawkeye, Thor, and Captain America took their best shots at him. Poor guy. Though he’s still standing, which is pretty impressive.

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Get This Shirt From Fat Guy Shirts

I have to admit that I don’t love all fat chicks. There are some horrible fat chicks out there, just like there are horrible skinny chicks, and horrible regular-sized chicks. The fat isn’t the issue. It’s the personality and the soul. And, there are plenty of fat chicks that have beautiful personalities and soul and those are the ones I love, which is why you should get this tee.

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Get this Tee From Fat Guy Shirts

This is one of those things you don’t really think about, but when you do it becomes pretty apparent that it is true. Just the logistics of forceably moving a fat person away from their must be 224% more difficult than an average size person. Bigger vehicle. Stronger apprehender. Higher caliber bullets. I don’t even know what all it would entail, but I do know that this shirt makes a ton of sense.

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