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Holiday T Shirts: Xmas, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patty’s Day and many more tees that capture the festivity of the season.


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What? Hide the women and children. This is as blue as you can get during the Xmas season. What kind of dirty uncle is going to wear this to the family gathering and cause the poor children great distress, as they grapple with the placement of the carrot. And think of the moms. How will they explain?

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I think the whole point of this one is that it is beige, and even the sound of that word is ugly. Plus, you get the reindeer with scraggily antlers to complete the look. Nice addition to any ugly sweater collection.

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It’s not often that you can two distinctly large themes in one piece but this particular awful Xmas sweater does it well, depicting both a reindeer daisy chain and playing card-looking hearts and diamonds. Very impressive. That level of difficulty certainly takes a deft hand.

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I love the atrocious Xmas sweaters that feature bits that look like they’ve been glued on. This Santa looks like somebody cut some felt out and stuck it on with some Elmers. That said I’m sure this item is fully guaranteed to hold up to many, many gentle washings. After all it is easy to care for cotton, rather than pain in the ass wool.

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Ah, this is a beauty. Get some green pointy-toed booties and you’ll look just like a universally loved elf from Santa’s workshop. The actual bells really take this sweater to the next level.

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This is a shout out to the movie Step Brothers and John C. Reilly’s character Dale Doback. He proudly wore this sweater as he hopped around about the possibility of many activities.

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You don’t get a lot of burgundy colors in the horrific Xmas sweater market, so this little gem is a real stand out. It’s gonna get you noticed, especially with the repeating Santa and Christmas tree pattern. Very original and a special garment for the holidays.

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Ah, the traditional reindeer humping ugly sweater. No one ever got 86’d from a party for wearing this classic Xmas garb. Get one for yourself now.

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It’s not depicted well in the picture, but this sweater actually lights up Rudulph’s nose. That just takes it to the next level. I mean the green is awesome, the diamonds, the hearts, the snow and that scarf, but the animal’s nose lights up…on a sweater…you can wear. And it’s affordable.

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This is a pretty simple design concept that is going to get a laugh 88% of the time, because it’s a cute little Santa who is quite proud of his deviant piss in the snow behavior. Also, to be able to write your name in urine is really impressive. Hey Santa…look out. That’s a huge snowflake.

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Hey, if you’re passionate about something the best way to prove it is wear a t-shirt that says so. If you are a girl and love the holiday season, and specifically Christmas, then this tee is absolutely perfect for you. If you’re a guy and like to be a goofball, this is a pretty good one for you, though it might fit weird since it looks like it has a girl cut. Of course, that might increase the fun even more.

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It’s a Santa hat calling out the brilliance of the National Lampoon Family Christmas movie. You will be the coolest person at every Xmas event if you’re wearing this hat, ‘cuz you’re celebrating Santa and one of the best holiday movies.

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