Holiday T Shirts

Holiday T Shirts: Xmas, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patty’s Day and many more tees that capture the festivity of the season.

P-Day T Shirt

by on February 19, 2013


Get This Shirt From Saucewear

It’s like D-Day, except with beer girls dropping out of planes with parachutes to deliver refreshing alcoholic beverages. And, instead of June 6, we’re talking about March 17, because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and you need to be prepared to wage an all-out assault on thirst. And you need to look good — wearing this tee — while you’re at it.

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Get this Shirt from Red Bubble

I am an absolute sucker for Dia De Los Muertos designs, and this is no exception. Something about riffing on the skull shape really does it for me.  I honestly don’t even care about the artificial organisms in the video game by the same name, and this tee still gets me. Good stuff.

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Heart On’s Sunglasses

by on February 6, 2013


Get this Tee from 6 Dollar Shirts

I’m really thinking that I might get this sunglasses. My kids already think I’m gay because they were saying that Javier Bardem was a weird and ugly looking dude, and I chimed in a little too passionately, that he is one of the most handsome men in the world (his hair in No Country for Old Men notwithstanding). I mean have they not seen Before Night Falls?

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Get this Tee From 6 Dollar Shirts

I don’t totally understand why this shirt is called Valentine’s Day of the Dead. I love that it is, but where does Valentine’s day come into this? Does this skull image have something to do with the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. Or maybe we’re talking about Hamlet talking to a skull…there was love going on in that story…wasn’t there?

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I Less Than 3 You T Shirt

by on February 6, 2013


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Is it too soon to say I less than three you? <3…How cute is that? And this being February, the month of love. It’s perfect. It’s also super nerdy, which is exactly what gets you laid these days, so that’s a bonus unless you’re not into that.

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Get This Tee From 6 Dollar Shirts

Not sure if that Groundhog is yawning because he just woke up or if he’s having a nervous breakdown because he’s in a never-ending loop of living the same day over and over. Well, if it’s the latter and he’s not enjoying the repetition perhaps he should take a page out of Bill Murray’s book and fall in love.

That seemed to get things back to normal in the movie.

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Get This Sweater from TV Store Online

If you suffer from dull Xmas parties with family, this is bound to spice things up, especially if they’re 4 square with the war on drugs and/or the gospel. Or they may not notice and start whispering among themselves that you’ve turned it around a bit and become a bit festive. Either way, I think this one is a winner.

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Get this sweater from TV Store Online

This one likes like something your kid made at that special holiday camp with glue, felt, and fuzzy balls. What says Merry Christmas more than the unbridled (…and untalented) creativity of a young one. Nice stars and cauliflower too.

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Get this sweater from TV Store Online

This looks like some kid drew this, which gives it it’s holiday warmth. You can feel the spirit of the season eminating from this one. It also has LED lights that flash, which just takes this design to the next level of holiday classic. Enjoy.

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Get this sweater from TV Store Online

Wow. This is a very special sweater. Black cardigan. Wreaths. But that’s not all. There are LED lights on this thing. And batteries included. Those snowflakes are lit up. You’d think something like this would cost about $2000, but it doesn’t. It’s a steal.

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Get this Sweater From TV Store Online

It has been said reindeer and diamonds are a girl’s best friends, and in real life I have seen nothing to refute it. There are just archetypal behaviors and proclivities that transcend personality and go to the core of the human condition. This beautiful sweater does just that.

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Get This Shirt from TV Store Online

Good one from Home Alone, which played a clip of the movie Angels With Filthy Souls. The line is actually “Keep the change you filthy animal” but that doesn’t make enough sense stitched into a hideous Xmas garment.

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