Holiday T Shirts

Holiday T Shirts: Xmas, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patty’s Day and many more tees that capture the festivity of the season.

The main concept of the Meme Shirts site is taking Internet memes and featuring them on their funny t shirts. They have all the memes worth memorializing with t shirts. Check it out. And, you know what the real cool thing  about this site is? Glad you asked. They keep getting better. The first time I visited this site it looked like  a bunion on Madeline Albright’s left big toe…you couldn’t even see the shirts and, I don’t know, I think there was poop smeared on the navigation bar…but now it looks great.

They had a great idea. They made a concerted effort in the market place, and now they’re tightening and brightening the presentation. I like that approach. And the designs are dope like early 90s hip hop…which, by the way, was the golden age.

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I told you last week that Snorg Tees was offering 15% off all purchases until last Friday, but they’ve extended the sale through this Friday, so you still have a chance to get a nice savings on all those funny t shirts. Don’t be a Scrooge. Go take advantage of Snorg Tees holiday spirit.

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Busted Tees is here for your this holiday season. Having trouble what to get for some of the harder to buy for people on your list? Never fear. Busted Tees’ Holiday Gift guide is here and it will help you immensely.

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Check out the Nerdy Shirts 40% off holiday clearance sale. I count about 25 tees that are priced to move over there, and I like a lot of them. Got a lot of TV and movies with Bruce Campbell for President, MacGyver, MacGruber, Jack Bauer, McLovin, Heath Ledger’s the Joker, Jersey Shore, Harry Potter, video games, etc., etc., etc.

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Heads up. What’s Hot page has been updated with the rabidly sought after and purchased funny t shirts this holiday season. It’s an interesting list and I get all philosophical discussing meanings behind the meanings, and why the humorous concepts attract such a fan base. Yeah, you can call me Professor Addison if you wish. I’m delivering knowledge on comedic trends, fashion, and a bit about your mama in What’s Hot in Funny T Shirts. Go look at that right now if you want to take two steps closer to being an evolved individual.

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It’s snowing and I think it just dawned on me that it is December, so, of course, I created a Funny Christmas T Shirts page. But, please beware that stuff that is funny to t shirt designers about the holidays may not be, how should I say it, appropriate for mixed company. There are over 25 shirts on this list, and over half of them will not make the carolers at your door happy, unless they’re boozed up with Peppermint Schnapps.

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Here’s how it works for the holidays. Sometimes you want to wear nice cool clothing that you purchased or were  gifted. That’s cool. But, there’s also that impulse that compels you to turn on Xmas music during this season.  It just feels right for some reason. It’s a connection to the rest of the world and to the time of year, and it gives you a warm feeling inside.

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Hey, this OG Kris Kringle is running the countdown calendar that’s going to knock your socks off. Busted Tees unveils one new shirt every day that they are offering for only $11. I suggest you go check this cool little holiday sale gimmick now, and see what they have going. It started today so you haven’t missed a thing. Go check it out.

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Hey, if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for that certain someone, you’ll need to head over to Headline Shirts and take their little gift quiz. They ask a few questions about the person you’re buying for and in the end come up with creepy accurate suggestions for them. Try it now.

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In typical T Shirt Hell style, you can now take advantage of the “T-Shirt Hell’s ‘Only 10% Off? That Sucks!’ Christmas Sale” now through November 28. That’s right, you only have a couple days to save a miserably small amount on the entire T Shirt Hell catalog.

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I’m am a huge fan of Someecards, so why wouldn’t I let you know about their collection of Halloween Tees. These are funny with their reference to holiday alcholism, cheapness, laziness, teamwork, and attention seeking. Those are the foundation of a good Halloween, so go check those out.

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Ever since that incident when I was 12 years old involving the tootsie roll, the hat of my pumpkin costume, and my sketchy neighbor, I’ve never been keen on dressing up for Halloween, but I just ran into a treasure trove of awesome costume ideas. Never thought about it before, but if you have a posse you’re planning on hanging out with on Halloween, you have to look into getting a funny group Halloween costume set.

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