History T Shirts Make You Look Smart

History T Shirts – remember the good times centuries ago with these fine designs featuring blasts from the past.

This is a beautiful shirt. Funny. Colorful. Reminds you of all the good times in childhood and college. Perfect. You know you want this Play-toh T Shirt. I dig the little plop of doh to the side of the blue doh cylinder. And Plato pointing to the side and a bit down trying to make some philosophical remark. But, he’s blue and doughy. I like the lid leaning on the canister too.

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A nice play on the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan that was pumped out by the British Government in 1939, during WWII. The saying really seems to have had a resurgence these days, which may be due in part to the fact that the world is starting to rapidly fall apart ecologically and economically. And, maybe the only way to really get a little break from the harsh realities is to play video games.

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This is funny. You have a game setup that matches one-on-one, but instead of Mortal Kombat, you have Plato and Socrates dueling it out with words of wisdom. Looks like Plato just dropped a super paradox combo, which Socrates is having a hard time refuting. Could be over soon. Who woulda thought that you could mashup philosophy and gaming so elegantly. I love the Philosophy Fighter T Shirt. Do you?

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Sigmund really took a classic dive slipping on that banana peel and calling out Mommy. Falling is so weird. Your body goes into preservation mode so you drop everything in order to break your fall. In this case, Freud dropped his pipe and his briefcase, which actually has some of the first versions of sex toys. Wooden anal beads, wooden dildo, etc.

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Not too much of a funny shirt here, but a good message and a powerful image of tank man in Tiananmen Square, when Chinese students were protesting the oppressive Chinese regime.

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The lispy little toad got the drop on the handsome blonde masked man, but he gave up his position of power when he let his hubris get the better of him. Yes, his intellect may make the great philosophers look like Morons, but if you have a dagger at the neck of the woman that your antagonist loves, there’s no better position. Though, I guess Westley did make a good point that they were at an impasse. If he doesn’t leave what can Vizzini do. I guess he can say if you don’t leave I’ll jab her in the throat but what good would that do for him. Really a tough position all around, but it gets worked out in the end.

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Another mashup shirt combining the visage of a Storm Trooper from Star Wars with the ubiquitous smiley with the hole shot in it’s head. Throw in a little Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias from Watchmen and you have a spectacular amount of pop culture stuffed onto one tiny little t shirt.

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U.S History Cheat T Shirt

by on February 10, 2011

This is funny. I like the fact that the font is so small and upside down. This is for your eyes only. The teacher may not even notice that it has the answers to the test. He’ll just wonder why you keep trying to stretch you neck out or smell your collar. I’m not even sure what the U.S. History Cheat T Shirt says exactly, but you can be sure that Snorg Tees distilled all of the most important bits to give you a thorough briefing. Like the Cliff Notes of U.S. History. There is also an upside-down map of the United States, which is also a very helpful resource.

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The 80s were indeed pretty awesome. Feathered hair. Mullets. Pastel colors. Popped collars. Top siders. Horrible movies. Synthesizers. Soprano saxophone. The Cold War with two super powers, instead all this anybody could be a terrorist shit. Pants that sat very high on the hips. Aerobics classes with lycra and leg warmers. And, everything was shallow.

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Nice social commentary on this fine t-shirt. You have the freaky Right complaining about NoBama’s expenditures on healthcare, education, and infrastructure. It’s a dangerous game to want everything to be privatized and to call every public works a socialist agenda. Privatization is not always the answer. We need government. We’ve had government. We became great with government. I’m all for the capitalism, but there’s a happy balance between public services and private enterprise. I think hopefully maybe we learned something with the bank debacle. They got those pesky “government” regulations  swept aside, but they had no dignity, respect, or morality to regulate themselves. Greed took over and it brought the great United States to the brink of collapse.

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Dude. I thought that this was a Saturday Night Live skit or something. But, it is for real, and it is awesome. This Vietnam Vet Jimmy McMillan is running for the office of New York governor affiliated with the “The Rent is Too Damn High” party. That’s pure gold, especially since he looks like the black Colonel Sanders.

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Oh shit, we’re gonna get political right about now…comparing the pilgrims on the Mayflower to illegal aliens from Mexico. There is a lot of similarities. Seeking a better life. Working hard to make a life for themselves in the new country. Hardships, but never wavering belief that the US is a far superior country to live in than the old homeland.

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