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This is a great analysis of the benefit, fund-raising culture. Especially, stuff like the red shirt thing. Mostly, this charities pop up to benefit the organization and the promoters. It’s a quickie math equation. How much exposure and goodwill can I garner per unit of effort on this cause. Flip side is maybe something is better than nothing. Even if only 10 percent of the funds actually directly benefit the intended recipients that’s still something and perhaps you don’t get the celebrities and  corporations involved unless there’s a bottom line benefit to them.

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Big thumbs up for the combination of wordplay and hardcore code graphic. Code is to the 10s like cocaine is to the 80s. It’s an epidemic, but it may have more staying power because it props up a more sustainable industry than the 80s drug trade. This makes it much scarier because the kids hopped up on Ephedrine and Mountain Dew are pumping out copious amounts of the stuff that make the world go ’round.

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California wants to secede from the Union in sort of whimsical way. More light-hearted than Texas’ perpetual arrogant bigger and better than the rest threat.

No, this California Republic movement takes Cali at present all into account: failing economy, meat-head guvnor, a runaway illegal alien population, earthquakes, fires, celebrities, ground-breaking green movement, brown outs, water shortage, potential pot legalization and Fresno.

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Night Owl Tee Shirt

by on March 5, 2010

Nothing says sophisticated night life like a snifter of brandy, an ascot and an owl. There is heavy, dense conversation happening in a room with first edition books, cigar and pipe smoke, a warm fire, and a koala bear skin rug.

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Seems like, not only does Kanye steal samples from other artists, he steals style from other generations. Apparently, King Tut had a pair of them shutter shades that Kanye wears in that Stronger video. Before I go on, can I tell you that that song is a total piece of duke. Any of that Mr. Roboto voice modulation shit is an automatic turn off, almost as repellant as soprano sax.

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This is a lesser known march completed by Napoleon Bonaparte. He had his army storm Normandy on Beach Cruisers. You have to remember at this time, this bicycle technology was very, very cutting edge and it simply baffled the opponents.

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Party Czar T-shirt

by on February 22, 2010

Firstly, czar is such a great word and I feel that it isn’t used nearly enough. The only national usage off the top of my head is the Marv Albert’s nickname for Mike Fratello during NBA telecasts: Czar of the Telestrator. It was always a nice bonus to hear this hijinx during a game.

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Slow Ride Tshirt

by on February 21, 2010

Not sure if this is an AMC Gremlin or an AMC Pacer, but one thing is for certain: either way it is a stylish, lifestyle type of car. There are two slow rides. One is the purposeful, down the boulevard on a Friday night, gleaming, beautiful car, sweet rims, windows shakin’, and maybe some neon underbody lights below making your Escalade flow down the road. Slow…taking in the scene and letting the scene take you in. That’s a slow ride. Low rider.

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Hammer Time T-Shirt

by on February 17, 2010

This is straight up funny. MC Hammer had the parachute pants moves back in the day and now he’s a cultural icon of snarky awesomeness and that’s great. Don’t forget his eye glasses for that touch of sophistication and the racing stripes on the side of his head and the high and tight jheri curl on top. This dude was put together, RIGHT!

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There are a lot of things to like about this shirt that is making a statement about nuclear war and the only things that will survive: the cockroach and the chemical additive Twinkie. Well, it’s sort of an obvious premise and every tshirt retailer worth its salt (what the hell does that mean) will offer a roach-twinkie party shirt. It’s in the execution, where this shirt stands out big time and forces my hand to type the following words: you must buy this See You in Hell Twinkie and Cockroach T-shirt.

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Bingebot Tshirt

by on February 5, 2010

This is one of those special humor shirts that makes you laugh simply because the design so randomly goofy/funny. Looks like Tommy the Tank Engine gave up getting up that hill and, instead, decide to have some elective surgery, adding a Dr. Who reject electronic gadget part as a new body here, and dryer vent accordion tubing as arms and legs there, plus Mickey Mouse’s gloves and some Hush Puppies. He started hitting the Hollywood party circuit and became a martini maven. Always an olive, and always more than two.

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Think about being a monkey shot up into space. Pretty fuckin’ crazy experience. You get pulled from your jungle lair, where you’re used to scratchin’ your ass, climbing trees, throwing mangoes at unsuspecting Pygmie tribes, picking fleas from your lovers hair coat, and swinging from branch to branch. No clothes. Free. Relaxed. Happy. Bam.

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