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It’s about time these zoo animals that escape are put through due process, rather than getting off scott free because they’re “wild beasts” and can’t help mauling the people around them. Same thing as the insanity plea. Pretty much anybody that kills someone in cold blood is “insane” at the time of the murder. You have to be to pull something like that off.

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Love the hovering Gandhi head, the bright pink lettering, and, of course, the message. After he got through with all that hairy nonviolent resistance to the British Empire, Gandhi figured he’d done all the heavy lifting he needed to accomplish in his lifetime. The rest of his time on Earth was devoted to spreading the message of chill.

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Nice juxtaposition of garish and stately, with the spread eagle neon lady enticing you to come and sell your soul for a little bit of that New New Deal this great country of ours offers. Pay the politicians pass the legislation or stall it, and reap the residual rewards.

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You’re taking a chance when you where this shirt. And that chance is this. What if someone is your type and you want to get with that someone, but no matter what language they speak, there’s no way they’re going to be able to ignore the message on your shirt. Thus, they will think they are not your type or that your not even in the game, because you have a love at home and you’re wearing this shirt to ward off all attention of that nature.

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It’s about damn time the retro love of Top Gun has finally surfaced. It’s been about to pop for quite a few years and there have been dalliances with bringing the buzz full on, but it’s never quite got legs. This particular launch of new found love of the Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer classic feels real. Feels substantial and that, my friend, is nothing but a good thing.

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One of the most beautiful constellations in the sky and one of the most storied groupings of stars ever. You see homing pigeons can see stars during the day. Bet you didn’t know that. Well, long story short, when the keeper of a pigeon writes a message on a gum wrapper and rubber bands it to the pigeons leg, you can be sure that pigeons pissed, but the problem is pigeons have low self esteem for being considered flying rats, when really their just another version of the dove that alighted on John the Baptist’s shoulder. Yeah, we’re talking Jesus here. The son of God, so really that’s how screwed up this world is that basically birds that are the son of God are made to feel bad about themselves.

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Darwin Scarface Tshirt

by on April 12, 2010

The older I get the more sense Darwin makes. Survival of the fittest. Adaptation. Change or die. That’s what it’s all about on this crazy planet. That’s why this Scarface Darwin homage is so poignant and tickles the fancy.

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I dig the shitty stick figure mouse and the phony Asian script in the speech bubble. Dude, it’s kind of crummy in that hip way. And, because some influencer dropped this artists name at a function, that said artist is now the shit in the hipster circles and the shirts are making the rounds.

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Hedonist T-Shirt

by on March 31, 2010

First of all you need to get yourself some learning about what hedonism is if you’re going to walk around with this thing on. Aristippus had some pretty excellent theories, while it looks as if Epicurus was a pretentious douche criticizing the hedonism of the senses, while preferring the social and intellectual pleasures. Boring.

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You thought you had the drop on the guy in front of you. You thought this particular struggle was coming to an end with your life intact and a chance to piece back your sanity, but someone didn’t maintain their post at the back door and now a bigger gun’s got the drop on my shit. DAMN!

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Have you ever been in the supermarket where they sell scratch lottery tickets and been behind someone as they make bring their scientifically proven formula for winning the lottery to life. Takes a while, ‘cuz they need a few of these a few of those and sometimes they change their minds because sometimes you have to go with the gut and not be a slave to the system.

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It so easy to let yourself get stagnant. Don’t do it. Shake it up. Get out of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself. Expand your horizons. Be an adventurous spirit. Grow yourself a 70s cop mustache, get some mirrored sunglasses and a gray bowling shirt, athletic shoes and socks and two handguns.

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