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Headline Shirts is the best in the business at delivering absurd, entertaining and hilarious tees. You definitely want to check out these reviews.

Or you might want to take a look at the top 22 Headline Shirts according to me.

Looks like we have a few back to school sales going on right about now. Hop to and take advantage. First, check out Headline Shirts. They have 17 $9 shirts, including a lot of my favorites like “Are the Assholes Still In Charge.” Then, they have 16 $12 shirts, which is still a righteous deal. And, finally, they have 22 $15 shirts which is still like $5 off. You will totally be rockin’ subversive style for your first day of school. And, then you’ll get kicked out. Won’t be able to find a job, and become seriously homeless. But, it will be totally worth it, and think of all the money you saved. You can eat with that.

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This is a very dangerous game to play at breakfast. Do not spell spooky shit from classic horror movies with your Cheerios. You’ll begin to feel like breakfast is work, then work is work, and your nightly chores are work, and there’s no play.

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Ray was trying to think ahead and think of the nicest memory, so that his thought wouldn’t become the devastation of civilization. It sort of backfired when the Stay Puft Mashmallow Man became an enormous Godzilla like car stomping beastie. But, I’m giving Ray a pass. He was under duress and he used sound logic to the best he could.

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Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Jam Master Jay, and Eazy E. The historic icons of the rap scene, God rest all of their souls and their crazy skillz be praised and remembered with this fine monument lovingly carved in stone in North Dakota.

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Some Wisconsin students are trying to take a stand on and make some cash off the new, controversial AZ immigration law, SB 1070, but school officials have halted the sale.

You can check the video here. Make sure you sit through the stupid commercial and the intro, because David Douglas, who looks 15, is worth a gander: the hair, the tie, and the diction.

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I just posted a review of Headline Shirts that really digs deep, and gets to the heart of why I give them my highest recommendation. Mostly it has to do with their hot models and the commissions they give me for sales that originate from my links, but also there’s an environmental awareness. They’re not dumping toxic ink byproducts in the San Francisco Bay. They use American labor to produce their product. This is all good stuff.

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Headline Shirts is my favorite funny tshirt retailer currently pumping out the hilarity on cloth. I’m not just saying that because they sent that tall model with the pretty face all the way from their headquarters in San Francisco to my house for hourly massages to help loosen my mind, mood, and fingers so that I’ll type something nice about them.

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In most metropolitan areas, there’s a rich vein of local artists that have no idea how to market themselves, nor how much their work is worth. A sharp entrepreneur with an eye for artistic talent or at least connections to people with an eye for hot shit can make a pretty penny teaming up with the locals.

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Here’s a very possible short scene highlighting the evils of the Devil Weed.

Glaucoma Patient: Doc…I think it’s working.
Doc: Why even come back to me if you think IT is working. You know how I feel about this.
Glaucoma Patient: Come on Doc, I was scared of losing my site, and I’d heard cannabis could help.
Doc: Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better.
Glaucoma Patient: I am. I really am, but I still wanted a professional opinion on where I’m at.
Doc: Fine. Fine. Just remember I told you marijuana has possible side effects.
Glaucoma Patient: I know. I know. Gateway drug. Lung issues. I’ll take the risk.
Doc: I was thinking more of the mental issues, like acute paranoia.
Glaucoma Patient: I’m fine. I feel good.
Doc: All right. All right. Cover your right eye. Read the chart. Start from the top.

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Reallife Tshirt

by on May 17, 2010

Forget the Facebook for just a minute. Get off your chair. Stand up. Talk to somebody in your office, or in your house. Say “hi” to the barista at the coffee shop. Go outside. OK, I took that a little too far. I’ll take a couple of steps back.

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Jules Winnfield takes no shit. He reads to educate himself, and he has absolutely no time for all of this modern day Internet, social media, social networking nonsense. For him it’s all about the truth, and the truth is how you deal with a gun in your face.

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Size Matters is a pretty dorky name for this tshirt. Doesn’t really capture the humor that’s going on here. Don’t get me wrong the graphic artistry is top notch in delivering the funny, but the name just doesn’t work. Apparently, there was a popularity contest to name, which is why there’s a little disconnect. The pros designed it but didn’t name it.

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