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Catwork Orange T Shirt

by on April 30, 2011

A little play on the cat meme on the Internet combined with one of the most vile but critically-acclaimed movies ever made. Stanley Kubrick called put this one together nicely. I don’t even remember the movie, except for the sick in my stomach feeling I got watching it. The author of the novel, Anthony Burgess, said he came upon the name thinking about a beautiful organic, aromatic, visually appealing fruit, combined with a cold-hard man made machine, artificial construct like a clock, which I think is a prety perfect metaphor of living in the 21st Century. What am I Freshman English student at the community college?

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This is a lovely little shirt. I especially like that fact that you can get these three types of items in a drive thru. That’s awesome and convenient and as Headline Shirts says on the page, there’s nothing more convenient when you’re really pissed off than having an opportunity to pick up these types of things to numb the anger/pain, and give yourself the courage to break the law, take justice into your own hands, and shoot and blow up some shit.

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Happy 420 bro and brosettas. You know what I’m talking about, and so does Headline Shirts with this fine offering, featuring George Washington, who, as 22% of the High Times articles have reported, partook in a little of the weed, ganja, smokey smoke. Why not have an Original Chronic T Shirt with one of our founding fathers proudly on display.

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Sometimes you have to blow out the cobwebs with absurd randomness and this Monkey Chandelier T Shirt fits the bill. First, that has to be one of those massive chandeliers in a huge hall with about 6000 little sparklie prisms casting that champagne colored light onto the hardwood floor and the fancy, well-coiffed people mingling below. I say it has to be massive because it dwarfs the monkey. Now, I suppose the monkey could be any number of sizes. I don’t know my monkeys that well, but I know that some are tiny and some are pretty large.

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Everybody likes the Einstein. He had style, a sense of humor, great hair, a conscience, and I hear he was also kind of smart and figured out some cool stuff that continues to help move science and technology forward. Mashup this larger than life figure with the underground graffiti stencil art movement and you have a dynamic shirt that makes you look super cool and smart and interesting and basically irresistibly desirable. Sound like something you might want? Then go ahead and plunk down your money for the Einstein Graffiti Stencil T Shirt because it’s the right thing to do for your image.

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Happy Cesar Chavez Day! Dude did The Work when it came to getting migrant farm workers a better shake, so I salute him and his United Farm Workers organization. I ain’t no liberal (well sometimes I am, when it aligns with common sense), but I think humane conditions and decent pay were part of the agenda, which sound like pretty reasonable requests. If you agree you probably should make the leap into purchase of this very appealing Latin America T Shirt.

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What you really need is a tshirt with the colors of the emergency broadcast system on painted on a nice soft, comfortable t shirt. Seriously. Beyond shelter, food, water, 78% fair trade chocolate bars, and inalienable rights as a human, there is clothing, and this Emergency Broadcast System T Shirt qualifies as a basic necessity. It’s random. It’s colorful. And, people may recognize it because they’ve been up watching TV late at night and seen “this is a test…only a test.”

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This is an absolutely spectacular shirt. The ruffles. The suit jacket. You can imagine this monkey has a tail sticking out of the tails in his colorful jacket. The knickers. Buckle shoes. Hosiery. Let your imagination run wild as you stare at this Forefather T Shirt. Look deep into the monkey’s eyes. Imagine that you are caressing it’s powdered wig. Enjoy the statesmanly white beard. And realize that Headline Shirts is making a statement that a lot of vocal individuals WILL NOT LIKE. Evolution happened!

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

This has to be a top candidate for one of the weirdest, creepiest, and awesomist shirts around. It basically took the ironic wolf shirt to the next level. Scratch that…I think it took that concept to its ultimate conclusion and it is awesome like the ocean is awesome or God is awesome. Scary and amazing and you want to jump in, but it totally takes you breath away to even think about letting go and entering the unknown waters.

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This is perhaps one of the weirdest t shirt offerings I have seen in a while. The subject matter, an old school Polaroid camera spitting out a picture of a tongue, presumably its own, is whacky. And, it features like classic 80s colors, teal and pink. Maybe it’s a tongue (ha ha ha…get it) in cheek look at the 80s. Who knows. But the truth is I kind of still like this Camera Tongue T shirt. It’s nostalgic. It’s odd. It’s slightly ugly, yet still interesting in design. Really it throws me for a loop looking at it, and maybe it would knock me off balance as I’m wearing it as well, which can be a very good thing when you need a little shake up.

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Hey, look someone finally captured the duty of coverage the ATF has been entrusted to. And, now they finally have a new logo that aligns with the hard living shit they deal with on a daily basis. I guess my only question is where are the drugs and the gambling. I feel like that should be in the ATF wheelhouse as well. Skip the cult stuff…like the David Koresh fiasco in Corpus Christi, TX a few years (decades??) back, and give me some drugs and gambling.

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Hey God would never exhibit wrath toward the first dude he created. Adam was so innocent and pristine when he first got plopped on Earth. He was God’s guinea pig. How could God have so much anger toward him that early. I mean I can see this playing out with Vlad the Impaler, evil dictators throughout history, every single person that has worked on Wall St. for the last 15 years, my ex wife, the entire C-Suite and Board of Directors at Monsanto, and Scott Walker, but the first dude he hadn’t had time to fuck up. Eve wasn’t even there yet to lead him to the path of iniquity.

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