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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

If you’re going to last in this dog-eat-dog evolving world you have to hang with the times. If monkeys are skateboarding, you need to skateboard too, because you’re one step up the evolutionary ladder from them, and if they start to get ahead of you…that’s curtains. You can say goodbye to being the dominant species. Hell, you can say goodbye to being alive. You’re passe like the dodo bird.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

Mark Twain was an extremely quotable guy. Funny. Smart. He could really turn a phrase, which is why I hear a quote from him on like a daily basis. What’s strange is that one of his most popular quotes is not even attributed to him. Yes, I’m talking about this Mark Twain That’s What She Said T Shirt. That’s what he said back in the day, but The Office hijacked it and now everybody thinks Steve Carell made it up. On the contrary, it was Twain.

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Le King Kong T ShirtHa. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. This is hilarious. Love the Le King Kong T Shirt. Instead of the Empire State Building in New York, good old King Kong has made his way to Paris. Things were going well, but something set him off. Perhaps he was jilted by a lover. Maybe she said that his new look, the black beret, made him look too pretentious. Maybe Kong was proud of the new look and thought it fit in well with the bohemians. Maybe this triggered him to climb the Eiffel Tower in a rage and do those things with planes that he does when he’s way up high, and their trying to bring him down, just like the girl.

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Rocky Bicycle T Shirt Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

Another bicycle t shirt offering from Headline Shirts. This one nicely inserting a bicycle in the famous cinematic scene from Rocky, where Rocky Balboa has run the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. That would be a serious accomplishment to ride a road bike up a bunch of stairs. I would hold my bike above my head and scream victory to the entire city of brotherly love as well.

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You can tell Headline Shirts is into the bicycle culture. They have shirts featuring Napoleon on a bike, Big Foot on a bike, a taco on a bike, I Stolen Bike SF transitive pictograph verbalization, and this Roadie T Shirt, which includes a lovely brown paper bag-covered can of beer in the water bottle rack. That is the ultimate ride. Forget looking like an asshole with your CamelBak (the ride has to be over 20 miles to justify that). Forget the spandex, racing jersey, helmet, 21 gears and brakes. You gotta be cool.

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Cash Only T Shirt

by on June 30, 2011

Not sure what this means exactly. If you wear this are you calling your self a prostitute and you’ll only take cash for the depraved deeds performed on desperate seekers. Or perhaps it’s a stand against living life on credit. After all credit addiction is one of the biggest reasons for this country’s demise and inevitable crash.

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Hey kiddies. You love jokes and trucker caps and making fun of bullshit patriotism (as in I’ll sing, dance, and pontificate about how I love my country as long as the checks keep rolling in for doing so). Right? Of course. Which is why Headline Shirts has the perfect 4th of July deal for you.

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Man, Headline Shirts nailed the burnt out faux counter culture that oozes around the Haight-Ashbury scene. Nose ring, dreadlocks, and much retardation. Actually, I haven’t been to San Francisco for quite some time, so I have no idea if this The Haight t shirt is an accurate portrayal and would make the folks that really live in SF giggle.

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Does anyone really pay attention to Father’s Day? Haven’t we just about had it after getting through Mother’s Day. Well, it looks like Headline Shirts is totally into the Father’s of the world. That’s why they’re offering a free Gytha Mander tie for orders of two shirts or more. Just add the code FREETIE during checkout. Be sure to get on this shopping for Dad soon, because Father’s Day is next Sunday. Okay go.

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This is creepy in a cuddly cat meme way, which is why you and your friends all love it. It’s also why you just went and found your wallet, pulled out your favorite plastic, and are primed to spend your hard-earned money on this Who’s Laughing Meow T Shirt. Let’s forget about the cat for a minute, Headline Shirts has also dropped a healthy dose of wordplay into the mix.

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This is pretty much hilarious. Of course, you have heard Family Radio nutter, Harold Camping, proclaiming that the Rapture is coming May 21, 2011. He can prove it with a loose interpretation of the scriptures. Anyways, Headline Shirts is making sure your last days are filled with great deals on funny t shirts with their End of the World Clearance Sale.

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How do you even begin to talk about this weirdo shirt. Is that really duct tape or is it fabric made to look like duct tape that has been placed on a lined shirt to look like an argyle pattern. Do you have any interest in this whacky Duct Tape Argyle T Shirt? Next you’re going to have Headline Shirts sister company Headline Socks doing the same thing with woolies to wear on your feet. And then where are we? Nowhere? Utter confusion? Bliss? Terror? I don’t even know. I feel like I’ve lost all bearings and my moral compass after looking at this tee on the Internet.

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