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Rock Me Amadeus T Shirt

by on August 24, 2011

Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

Amadeus is totally destroying that keytar and that’s totally what Falco had in mind when he put this classic 80s song together. And that, my friend, who enjoys the finer things in life, is why you need to pick up the Rock Me Amadeus T Shirt post haste. Don’t keep Falco waiting or he might not let you star in his comeback tour video.

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It’s not often you get a chance to get the best funny tees on the ‘Net for $14. And you don’t have much time left with Headline Shirts Back to School Sale, so stop reading and go now. Seriously, I think 17 hours have already passed on this deal. Go.

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“Relax it’s just the wind.”

Headline Shirts dipping toes into horror lake and the water feels fine. Am I right? Slashing Pines Summer Camp T Shirt offers its respects to Friday the 13th and Jason with that creepy mask. I like how the mask is rising over the horizon like a full moon. You want to bear witness to that with a lover by your side, except that it’s dangerous, because of the whole mass murderer thing.

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Che Selleck T Shirt

by on August 18, 2011

Tom Selleck and Che Guevara misdirection. It doesn’t get any better than this. One, Tom is a cultural icon specifically for his mustache. Wait, where is Mr. Selleck these days. He was epic in Magnum PI. Two, Che Guevara is totally overrated. I don’t think anybody that wears his shirt even understands where that dude was coming from, but I can tell you one thing…it wasn’t a totally pure place. Maybe his general fight the power attitude was to be commended and we can use some of that right now. But, I don’t know if wearing that man on your shirt means exactly what you think it does.

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Despite the fact that I think the boot on the Dept. of Public Transportation Vehicle should look homemade, I still find this Parking Cop Payback T Shirt to be pretty funny. Even funnier is that the confused cop stepped out of the donut shop, wiping his moustache, and Rob Riggle popped out of nowhere saying “how you like that meter maid?”

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Nice little use of historical figure Marie Antoinette and a little twist on her famous quote: “let them eat cake.” Now, we’re saying “life to cake” or “long live cake” and we just happen to have the voluptuous image of Marie in the background. Of course, Headline Shirts created this Viva La Cake T Shirt as a current social commentary, as all of the money flows into the banking cartel and others in the top .1 percent of wealth possessors, and away from the middle class and lower class. Soon we’ll have some East Coast snobs singing “let them eat cake” as the lines snake around a mile long to grab the government issues five pound blocks of cheese.

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That’s a nice looking footlong sandwich with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. It’s a tried and true formula for great taste and it stands the test of time. The little twist is the fact that this sandwich has amazingly detailed Italian roll bread. I mean, how do you even bake bread that looks like that. Must be some sort of bread mold or something. Amazing what technology can do for you these days.

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Nice wordplay. That octopus has water wings and goggles and is playing with a beach ball. What you don’t see in this cute little scene is that when the octopus hits the ball it sticks to the suction cups on his arm and he can’t get it off. Kind of sad really. All creatures should have a chance to freely play with a plastic blow up ball without embarrassment and inconvenience. And, this is the message you are delivering when you wear this Water You Scared of T Shirt.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

Hey now. You want random? Huh? You want random man vs. animal stuff on a shirt? I know you do because every day for the last 36 years, you’ve been asking me morning, noon, and night…when is Headline Shirts coming out with more super random t shirt designs. Well now, here you have it!

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This is a funny shirt with that comically grinning pilgrim mimicking the grinning Indian on the Cleveland Indians logo. Then, what you have is the name Invaders in place of Indians. No, it doesn’t say pilgrims. It says Invaders as in they came over on boats on forcefully took over the land. This Invaders T Shirt is one of those dealios that makes you laugh, but then also stop and think deep stuff like fuck the Cleveland Indians, I’m rooting for the Red Sox in the pennant race.

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Hey, you better take advantage of the Headline Shirts $11 tee sale. That’s right. The best t-shirt shop on the net has slashed prices on about 94 shirts. Are you kidding me? Dig that spare thousand bucks out of your linty pocket and buy one of each. This is a spectacular opportunity that doesn’t come around that often.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

Not sure how much the Andrew Jackson fan club will appreciate this switcherooni, but it’s high time Michael Jackson got his proper recognition on some money. There’s probably underlying meaning with this particular bill and pop singer, but I haven’t been sleeping enough and it’s not occurring the me. I mean there’s the Jackson connection. And, there was Jacko’s song, $20 bill, but other than that and the fact that MJ lured boys to Neverland Ranch with fistfuls of $20s are the only connections I’m making with this Michael Jackson 20 Dollar Bill T Shirt.

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