Gaming T Shirts: Gamers delight as I review the tees

Gaming T Shirts: If it’s a shirt that has to do with gaming and it’s worth a damn, then it is reviewed here. Nerds!

twister-teeSee I didn’t really get what the hell was going on in this shirt. I was trying to figure out what kind of farm was growing this round, candy-colored produce. Or maybe it was a play on words with that rainbow polka dot cow we’re always hearing about. Or perhaps it had to do with Dairy Queen and a bubble gum ice cream cone. But, after 29 hours straight of intense meditation, I finally figured it out.

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most-deadly-tshirtIf you have to ask you’ll never know. Wear this shirt and you’ll get the knowing nods, the smiles, the winks from your brethren and, of course, the ignorant will scratch their heads and may be slightly scared, because, well, your shirt says Most Deadly.

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There’s been a controversy about a similarly named shirt that depicted a guy pushing a girl off a cliff or something. This one that depicts blatant cheating is much more socially acceptable. Plus, it’s funny in its own right…I mean I’m not saying pushing girls off cliffs is funny…just that getting so f*in frustrated at a Rubix cube because you can only ever get one side all one color, that you go out to the nearest art supply store, drop 20 bucks on brush, paint and probably a couple of other miscellaneous supplies I’m not thinking about, and paint the cube sides so that it looks like you “solved” it.

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Attack of the mole people tshirtThis dude is playing a terrific game of whack-a-mole. I don’t think he knows what he’s in for. Probably had no idea the karmic debt he was ringin’ up, just “havin’ a little fun” at the expense of these “harmless” little moles.

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