Gaming T Shirts: Gamers delight as I review the tees

Gaming T Shirts: If it’s a shirt that has to do with gaming and it’s worth a damn, then it is reviewed here. Nerds!

Nerdcore T Shirt

by on July 24, 2011

This Nerdcore T Shirt is awesome, featuring a skull wearing nerd glasses with tape on the nose bridge. Plus, the old school controllers. What a perfect shirt. The gothic, horror sort of look gives the nerd a whole new feel, like I’m a gamer geek but don’t mess with me.

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I like the thought of a dream puffing out of a pipe. In fact, it’s a real cool concept. Then, you add all the little Mario Brothers characters and coins, and castles, and stuff, and you have a really cool shirt. If you’re a gamer. If you’re not a gamer nerd, then the Mario Brothers Pipe Dream T Shirt probably means absolutely nothing to you, but you know what…that’s cool. Go get your Michelob Light t-shirt and be done with it.

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So this here is a beautiful, actually gruesome, mashup of the movie Aliens with the bewitching children’s game Operation. Operation was that game where you used tweezers to try to pull body parts out of a dude’s random orifices, and there was a shocking buzzer if you touched the sides of the orifice. You had to make it a clean shot. What, how in the hell is that a kids game. It sounds horrible, but it was frickin’ fun.

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Word on the street says this Slice of Shell Pizza T Shirt is in reference to a video game, which you may have heard of…Super Mario Brothers. Is this true or did I get bad information? If I got bad information, I go back to the source and give him what’s for, and he doesn’t give bad information any more. In fact, he doesn’t give anybody any information any more.

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Busted Tees dipping their toes in the world of mashup. And it’s cool. H.P. Lovecraft + World of Warcraft = World of Lovecraft T Shirt. Get it? Go get it.

I didn’t really know Lovecraft had such a nerd following, but I guess if a dude is best known for weird fiction and a work called the Necronomicon,  and the Cthulhu Mythos was connected to him, then it’s pretty understandable. Pop culture loves H.P.

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You remember the gold old days of gaming. The graphics weren’t that good. The music was corny. And, you couldn’t connect online and get into flame wars with douchey teenagers. It was much simpler back then, throwing clay pots at your enemies. Simple beauty. Remember the warm gooshy feelings you had playing Legend of Zelda by purchasing the Good Things Come to Those Who Break Clay Pots T Shirt.

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Dude totally solved the Rubik’s Cube. What a sense of accomplishment Pinhead must have. I could only ever get one side. Never could even fathom how to get all of the sides. Baffling. Celebrate this wonderful feat by getting the Hellraiser Rubik’s Cube T Shirt. You have to celebrate when fellow humans, dead or alive, do something astonishing, because we all win when that happens. Am I right?

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Police are starting to crack down on those crazy crotch rocket speeders. Too many lives have been put in danger by these speeder bikes, too much carnage. The police got top-of-the-line bikes, spent three months planning the best way to round up the red and blue bikes, and put their plan in action today as you can see. This Tron Police Roundup T Shirt portrays a great day in gamer law enforcement.

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If you are a gamer, you probably use some 12-sided die and 6-sided die, and 9-sided die and I don’t even know what the hell else. But, I’m sure you’ve probably said “Meh” with a roll that wasn’t that great or suitable for your purposes. That’s with this Gamer Dice Meh T Shirt exists and is available to be purchased.

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If you, unlike me, don’t know anything about Mike Haggar you should probably go on over to the Street Fighter wiki page and get yourself some learning, so you can keep up with the important shit. Forget about the death of the United States Republic, and the crazy ass weather from global warming. Let’s get knowledgeable about Mike Haggar. In fact, let’s wear the Vote for Mike Haggar Metro City Mayor T Shirt and spread the love far and wide.

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This here is a video game related tshirt, but you know that. Plants Vs. Zombies is the game, and part of the game are these seed packets that have Bloom & Doom Seed Co. on the packaging. Kind of love that title and sort of reminds me about preparing for the real Great Depression II that is soon to hit. More of a bloom during the doom thing there, but related.

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Obviously, this is in reference to Scorpion fighting in the video game Mortal Kombat saying “Get Over Here” when he’s about to finish someone off. That’s why this is funny. 604 Republic has added the “on” so it sounds a little Southern, then goes ahead and makes Scorpion a proprietor of BBQ cuisine. You know, you can’t have a sports career forever, so maybe he retired, hung on to the outfit, and decided to make a buck or two off his good warrior name.

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