POG Champion Hawaii

POG’s: A game, a juice, a fun way to trade cards

If you were a kid in the 1990’s, chances are you played POG. This is a game where you trade caps that came in bottles of a juice that was popularly called, POG (passion fruit, orange, guava). My wife made me try this when we went to Hawaii, the island of oahu. My younger cousins were POG experts at that time. This game had its origins in a game called Menko, a Japanese card game similar to pogs. People were playing Menko since the 1600’s! Yep, this was 1993… champions of the game of pog’s didn’t have to rely on slammers whammers or any other banned substances!

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Song of Storms Zelda t-shirt

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OK, when the first Nintendo came out, there was a game that rose to meteoric popularity. The Legends of Zelda. I wasn’t um, around back then, uhh. But I did hear that it was out in the mid to late eighties. There is a song that is quite popular from modern versions of Zelda and has made its way into Internet pop culture. The Song of Storms Zelda, Make it Rain, I’ll Never forget this song, Ocarina of Time, etc. You hear what I am playin’?

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