game of thrones

You don’t have to be Tyrion to get your ale-ments healed.

Lannister Golden Lion Blonde Ale T Shirt
This is the official drink of the House of Lannister. Now, you don’t have to be Jaime, Cersei Tyrion, Tywin, Kevan and Lancel or a member of the Lannister house to get your ale! You can go down to the local tavern (watering hole) wearing this shirt now and you will receive free Golden Lion Blonde Ale for the duration of your stay at the inn. Cersei and Jaime have concealed their relationship in conspiracy. They had a son, Joffrey and now he has ascended to the throne by claiming to be the son of the recently deceased, King Robert Baratheon. Lord Tywin is a key supporter of his reign in the War of the Five Kings.

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