Food T Shirts Reviewed

Food T Shirts: Probably 65% bacon in this food shirt roundup, but there’s other stuff. Pancakes, fruit, meat, etc.

It’s one of those crazy & lists, except instead of having a list of different things, there’s only one thing and that thing is bacon, which is good enough to be a list on a shirt unto itself. Am I right? I think I am, and if you think so then you should probably get the Bacon & Bacon & Bacon & Bacon T Shirt.

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Emergencies can make you really hungry, so it’s nice that forward thinking people have created these emergency breakfast units, that are airtight and behind glass, available for when you really need it. I like that it’s behind glass, so you can see, that yes, the bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast and eggs are still fresh and edible. I guess the only trouble is that you’ll need to get your hands on a portable stove or some cooking device during this emergency, because most of the ingredients in the unit are raw, waiting to be cooked.

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I love this whole Star Wars and Ben & Jerry’s t-shirt mashup series designed by Seven Hundred and made available on Red Bubble. Really clever. Really cool. Here’s a list of the different Old Ben & Jedi’s “flavors”:

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Space Balls. May the Schwartz Be With You. Mel Brooks put together some goofus movies in his time and this certainly was no exception. I like taking the piss out of Yoda and the Force of Star Wars fame, because it’s all just a little too ponderous and meaningful.

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California Chillin T ShirtI love this chillin’ state no doubt. He’s got an excellent orange beverage that he’s flippin’ around a little loosely, he’s got the orange frames on the shades, and he’s got the orange flip flops. Good stuff. I really identify with the dude on this California Chillin’ T Shirt. And, it’s a perfect thing to pick up as the weather warms up.

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Man…don’t wear this in front of the kids. I’m 41 and having a hard time digesting this image (ha ha ha…get it…digesting). Of course, it’s tougher for me because I used to have a cookie monster puppet with googly moogly eyes, blue fur, and a huge mouth. That puppet ate cookies just like Cookie Monster. In other words, not at all. Cookie crumbs just flying everywhere.

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Everybody loves tacos. I love tacos even though I shit myself when I laugh. That’s powerful good taste don’t you think. If I’m still eating them every Tuesday despite my weekly dirty pants predicament. And, that means I really love them, and if you really love something it’s almost a rule that you need to get a t-shirt about that thing.

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First thing you notice with this Brain Cone Ice Cream T Shirt is that it looks like the aftermath of a really bad or good, depending on how you look at it, weekend in Vegas. That doesn’t make any sense, but the cherries on top of the brain inside the sugar cone made me think of it because in the slot machines in Vegas, or at least the Vegas I’ve seen on the movies, cherries are often the coveted images. Get three of those and you win.

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Who has seen the movie? Is it good? Is it even remotely as good as the books? I need to know these things and you need to tell me in the comments. Truthfully, I haven’t seen the movie or read the books, but I know a ton of people that have so that qualifies me to be the authority on this District 14 Bacon T Shirt. Right?

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I just had to do a post about these Pesky Squirrel Sweatpants. I mean that squirrel is reaching for your nuts. How could something so vulgar and sophomoric be so cute and engaging. I don’t know but Crotch Gear seems to pull it off. I think one of the secrets is that they’re not subtle about it. It’s right in your face. This is who we are. This is what we do. We have the word Crotch in our name and we put designs right next to the crotch of our sweatpants. If you’re into it. You’re into it.

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes

I can’t tell you how much I despise both of these rappers work. 96% horrible. But, then every once in a while, there’s a glimmer of brilliance, just like every dog has his day. And the the line “What She Order Fish Filet” is the best thing either one of these talentless hacks has ever done.

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Fancy Cheese T Shirt

by on March 28, 2012

Fancy mouse more like it, but the plating of the cheese is pretty impressive with the grapes and the silver platter and the butler. That’s pretty good stuff. But, that mouse with the top hat, monocle, bow tie, cane, and wing tips is just dapper as can be, and I’m sure he will appreciate the fine funk of a smelly, expensive cheese. Good for him.

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