Food T Shirts Reviewed

Food T Shirts: Probably 65% bacon in this food shirt roundup, but there’s other stuff. Pancakes, fruit, meat, etc.

Sperm: F1rst T Shirt

by on June 23, 2008

F1RST! Tshirt SpermThat sperm totally pwned the rest of them slackers. You wonder how long the testosterone was flying around the room as they tensely waited for the big race. Probably some icy stares. Eye rolling. Sperm smack talk. But, when the 2 minute warning buzzer went off…game time.

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Wash hands, push button, receive bacon tshirtThree steps to bacon. This is a pretty cool sequence because bacon is delicious and it never hurts to have very clean hands. The only issue I have right now. The only thing to cause me pause in purchasing this instant bacon machine is the hot bacon on bare hands. Shouldn’t these instructions be calling for a plate or some oven mits or something. Because sizzlin’ bacon burns baby and that kind of pain will even ruin a perfect bacon moment. Slight concern, but I believe in full disclosure.

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My Marxist Feminist Dialectic Brings All the Boys to the Yard TshirtI was just thinking about her. Such a sweet girl. Full lips. Toned body. And that dialectic making us all tremble with desire. Yes, ma’am, we’ll take that message to the streets. Such hypnotic power, like staring into Prince’s eyes. You can’t go back. You’ll never be the same.

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Fork is shocked. Plate and spoon in bed tshirt.Oh, man that’s painful to see. The dish ran away with a very, very smug spoon. Fork is in shock. He was so excited to arrive at dish’s place with the heart-shaped headboard. Doing everything textbook. Box of chocolates, bouquet of roses and extra curling wax on the mustache. And what happens? He walks in on this – the afterglow. But, you know what? Dish doesn’t deserve fork. Fork will land on his feet, no doubt. He’s a standup guy. Dish and spoon truly deserve each other – they are the low of the low. Still, this just hurts to witness.

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My Butt Hurts, What? Tee shirtPoor, poor chocolate bunnies. In their temporary reprieve from getting unceremoniously devoured on Easter morning, these little delectable creatures commiserate on their state. Except the horrors of holiday festivity have broken down their lines of communication. Talk about tragedy, if this doesn’t add up in Aristotle’s Poetic Tragedy equation, then nothing does. And my only outlet for dealing with this chocolate mess is to laugh. Sometimes, it’s the only thing you can do.

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Wonder Bread TshirtI always loved the Wonder Bread logo. Even as a kid that knew it was complete crap food, but I still appreciated the primary color joy that exudes from the Wonder. I think Google scraped some of the bliss from white bread to build its logo mojo. Spread peanut butter. Spread jelly. Spread joy.

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Big Mistake Wedding Cake Tshirt

Ah! Look at the happy couple. This shirt really captures it. It’s all sweet honeymoon, newlywed, lovey-dovey, ’til she shoves a piece into his face and he retaliates just a little to hard. Pretty much downhill from there. It’s like a grain of sand slipping into a clam and after many years, turning into a pearl…except the opposite. Big Mistake indeed.

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I like bacon teeshirt I always enjoyed wearing my Dewalt tshirt way back when because it was yellow and black. What a great color scheme. Add this roly poly kid with that just ate a bacon double cheeseburger and is perfectly and utterly content and you have yourself a quality shirt.

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Fuente de Soda

Photo & Tshirt Design by Supersentido

The soul essence of ketchup and mustard. You really can’t beat a red, yellow and brown tee-shirt. This supersentido, from Chile, can really put together sublime designs. This is the second one that qualifies for tshirt of the day fame.

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