Food T Shirts Reviewed

Food T Shirts: Probably 65% bacon in this food shirt roundup, but there’s other stuff. Pancakes, fruit, meat, etc.

photo-finish-whats-first-chicken-eggIt’s still inconclusive, which came first. You’d think with all this modern electronic equipment we could finally get to the bottom of this age old puzzler. But no…still can’t really tell, though the chicken does look a little further along, but that may because the chicken has that goofy head bob run and if the pic had been snapped a nanosecond early we may have seen the egg touching the line and the fowl on the back swing.

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That is the hottest toaster I’ve ever seen. If I’m that toast, I’m toast. This toaster asks that steamy question and I melt and comply.

That toast looks so surprised at this, which leads me to believe this particular toaster is really, really drunk. The toast will jump into the heated moment. After the conjugation the toast will smoke and in the morning that toaster will be completely ill physically and mentally for the choices made.

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This is God’s honest truth. I was just at Cempazuchi on Brady St. on the eastside of Milwaukee and couldn’t of had a more boring looking plate. A white flour wrapper with a squiggly line of sour cream drizzled on top. But, looks are not why you order a tinga burrito in the best Mexican food restaurant in Milwaukee. You order it for the taste and to fill you up.

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SILF tshirt

by on December 3, 2008

What more can you say? That’s a good lookin’ sandwich. I’m a good lookin’ guy. Let’s get it on. Sandwich I’d Like to Fuck, just like they say in that funny teen romp flick, American Sandwich.

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The Food Chain T shirt

by on November 29, 2008

I love how in my brain I get mixed up right here when I’m looking at this tshirt. Because it is a pyramid, first thought is the government’s suggested servings of different foods. But, actually, this is slightly different than that.

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Cinco de Mayo T Shirt

by on October 29, 2008

It’s never too early to get ready for Cinco de Mayo. You want to have this t-shirt in your closet, way before May rolls around, so you don’t even have to think about it when it’s time to go out and celebrate Mexican Independence and the United States’ finest contribution to the world’s gastronomical delight.

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Oranges Purples T Shirt

by on August 25, 2008

Generally I think genetically modified food is scary and that big corporations should keep their stinkin’ devil-claws out of the farming business, but I have to make an exception for purples. These are way out cool and I’m certain quite delicious. Like a mix of concord grapes and a tangelo.

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This isn’t really a definitive answer, but certainly something to base a well-constructed hypothesis on. The egg thinks he did.

Unfortunately, this took me awhile to get. I’m slow like that. Or probably I’m just really naive. Anyway, if you have some time to sit down and discuss with people puzzled over the meaning of your shirt, this is a terrific conversation starter. Of course, you’ll need to be comfortable discussing the Oedipus complex, because if you really think about it…

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You never really think about what’s happening with the food you eat. Slaughtered chickens, hooked fish, chopped plants, ground up horses to make paste, and, of course, the forced split of popcicle lovers. So harsh. So sad. And yet you’ll continue to lick and suck and enjoy the cool, fruity, sweet treat. Cold really.

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i-am-not-a-crookHamburglar and Richard Nixon had a lot in common. Both liked to eat burgers on the mall in front of the Washington monument, both, coincidentally, liked to wear black masks, and both graduated from Mount Holyoke College.

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Pancakes T Shirt

by on July 9, 2008

Pancakes TshirtLet us, you and I, celebrate the flat, fluffy, round golden brown breakfast treats. Simple food. Simple shirt. Simply “pancakes.” Yeah, you can go with all types of flavored syrups, buttermilk batter, fruit, whipped cream and whatever else. Your gramma can attempt to make tigers and alligators in the skillet that turn out looking like bad balloon animals, but when it all shakes out…when it’s time to slice away the extraneous and get down to what really matters. It’s all about the pancakes. Celebrate the ultimate comfort food and wear this tshirt.

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Evil Smores T Shirt

by on June 27, 2008

Smores TshirtDoesn’t really make a lick of sense but the art is so hilarious this is definitely my favorite funny t shirt right now. Look at that loveable and a little slow graham cracker. You can tell he’s kind of just following along doing whatever chocolate bar tells him. Now, choco is pretty sophisticated with that pencil mustache and perfect teeth. And poor old marshy. He’s running for his soft, spongy life.

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