Food T Shirts Reviewed

Food T Shirts: Probably 65% bacon in this food shirt roundup, but there’s other stuff. Pancakes, fruit, meat, etc.

Happy Halloween. There’s always stay safe, be safe messages floating around during this spooky holiday, so I thought I’d add my two cents. You know all about carrying a light on dark streets, wrapping you and your loved ones in reflective tap so you look like mummies from outerspace, and punching in person that hands you fresh fruit in your trick or treat pillow sack, because it may have a razor blade in it, and you need to knock that shit out before it happens to more innocent kids just enjoying their goofy costumes and the dark holiday ambiance.

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Meal time is meat time according to this shirt. That’s a crazy cuckoo clock with a pig replacing the bird, fork and knife replacing the hands on the clock, chicken leg swinging like a pendulum, bacon as the shingles on the house, and, of course, a ham as the house itself, or maybe that’s a gelatinous heaping helping of SPAM the delicious canned meat.

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Dyslexic or Hugh Hefner. Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Get it? Am I right? Anyways, this, of course, is a little wordplay to brighten your day. Do you dig? You see the saying is really if life gives you “lemons” make lemonade, but is you’re dyslexic you mix up letters, so what we have is life giving you “melons” and that’s your crazy synapses firing a little randomly, switching the “l” and the “m” so now we’re talking about large sweet fruits rather than small sour fruits. Amazing difference switching a couple letters make, eh.

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This is a man emulated by many strong, great people (I.e. Martin Luther King). This is a man, who led a peaceful revolt against the oppression of Great Britain. This a man with a great big huge set of brass cajones despite his small stature, which is why it’s not hard to think that maybe as he was doing his daily meditation, sometimes his mind wandered.

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Interesting bit about the shirt that inspired this parody. Keep Calm and Carry On was a slogan on a poster printed in 1939 by the British Government’s Ministry of Information to stiffen the resolve of a country that was being blitzed by the Nazis.

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Icing the Kicker T Shirt

by on October 19, 2010

This is a shout out to Smirnoff Ice and football. Looks like the ball is on a tee, so this is a kickoff. At first I thought this was a field goal attempt, but I guess that would have been too confusing, because there actually is a dude that takes a knee during that play, so it wouldn’t have been as cool as this. Maybe, he’s just refreshing, he’ll throw the bottle behind him and the long snapper will get it to him. Place, spin ball laces out and boop. I guess that’s probably a little nerve racking also. All eyes are right there, so taking the edge off isn’t such a bad thing.

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Cute shirt. Donut hole, finds the mothership donut. Mothership donut says “you complete me” because then the donut hole is filled. Wait, why are they called donut holes. That would imply nothing. They should have mimes working at donut shops and when you buy 2-dozen donut holes they do that whole elaborate mime thing where they fake like they have one of those foldable donut boxes, and some tongs and they fill the whole thing up with “holes.” They hand it to you, then they cut the mime crap and ring you up for real. And when you don’t pay they get belligerent and start calling you the worst names you can think of. Then, they call the cops and the cops make you pay because they point at the fine print on the sign behind the counter that talks about how these are the freshest donuts you will ever stuff in your fat face.

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This is pretty cool, and I dig the little cupcake and muffin talking to each other, but I can’t see the difference between the two cool characters. Actually, the one that has sprinkles looks like the cupcake with sweet red frosting and sprinkles, so why is he calling the muffin “cake?” The muffin, looks like a nice healthy muffin with maybe a little toasted oats or nuts on top, says the correct thing. Muffin much. He’s a muffin. Just a slight bit of confusion with the What’s Up Cake Muffin Much T Shirt, but nothing that wold hold me back from purchasing it. It’s too nice in look and flavor and rhythm to ignore.

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This is a hilarious shirt. I love it. The notion of some secret order that’s ruled the Earth for centuries with an mind-blowing mix of dark arts and hyper intelligence. Applying pressure to sensitive points in the entire global economy, making puppets of the most powerful leaders, this group just in the last couple decades has decided to become a little more kinder and gentler…more in touch with the youth that they’ll need to recruit to continue and realize their ultimate plan.

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Just wanted to note that I just posted a Donkey Tees review. It totally goes deep, talking about donkeys, t shirts, drinking and psychosomatic disorders. Basically, I say that Donkey Ts has a terrific propensity for bringing to market highly relevant t-shirts about topics that are trending nicely in the zeitgeist. And for this I applaud them. That, and that crazy donkey head that their people wear on occasion.

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Mouse Maze Chainsaw T Shirt

by on September 14, 2010

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Sometimes you shouldn’t go through the maze to get the cheese like people keep telling you to do. Sometimes you need to bust out the chainsaw and cut through the walls and forget the proper maze solving procedure. This is why this mouse is so inspiring. Are you inspired?

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So, this is some tshirt about a mafia tv show. What’s funny in that? The mafia wasn’t funny. They ruled by intimidation and were very unscrupulous. Al Pacino died of syphilis in prison. Is that the way you want your children to go out. Didn’t think so.

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