Food T Shirts Reviewed

Food T Shirts: Probably 65% bacon in this food shirt roundup, but there’s other stuff. Pancakes, fruit, meat, etc.

I like Eco-friendly. I like creative. I like tshirts. Guess what? I like OMunky because they do a great job of combining all three. They have the fresh designs and they print them on American Apparel organic tees. There’s a lot to like in that potent, responsible combination.

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We have some terrible grammar here, so it must be a message from our new alien overlords, because that’s the meme if I’m not mistaken. Aliens are scary, except they’re funny too, because their English is jacked. It’s a good humor convention, which is why this All Your Bacon Are Belong To Us T Shirt. Plus, of course, anything that talks about bacon is bound to be a hit.

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Cholesterol does get a bad rap in a lot of ways. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Eggs especially get a bad wrap, but you can eat them daily and produce positive effects on your cholesterol levels. You’ll notice there are eggs with yolks on this Cholesterol A Fancy Word for Flavor T Shirt.

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Got some meme action in terms of the nerd stuff. Got mathematics food wordplay with the pi as in delcious apple pie. And we have a little Star Wars reference. This Come to the Nerd Side We Have Pi T Shirt is a trifecta tee, which is very rare and should be treated with great care. Only the most confident people will have the courage to capture one of these fine garments and make it her own.

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Hey, I’m from Milwaukee…this is like the essence of the city right here. You’ve seen the sausage races at Miller Park during Brewer’s games. One of those weenies is a bratwurst. And in this particular image on the First is the Wurst T Shirt, we have the brat winning as it should because it’s the best. Of course, I’m going to be exiled from the city for saying the following: I love Whole Foods turkey brats. They are good. No lie.

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Nice little wordplay switch up on the old ass commercial for those toaster waffles that, in retrospect, were probably nasty as all get out. Wait, they probably still sell those damn things on the strength of that tagline: leggo my eggo. By the way, who the hell tries to steal someone’s waffle in the morning. That ain’t cool.

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Party Sub T Shirt

by on May 24, 2011

That sub is the life of every party he ever attends. Boozin’ and fornicatin’ and gettin’ into tons of trouble. But, he always shows up to work on time and is respectful to his gramma, so give the boy some leeway…sowing his wild oats. If you are into sandwiches with drinking problems that are super fun to be around, then you probably need to make the world knows that by purchasing and wearing the Party Sub T Shirt.

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Obviously, this is in reference to Scorpion fighting in the video game Mortal Kombat saying “Get Over Here” when he’s about to finish someone off. That’s why this is funny. 604 Republic has added the “on” so it sounds a little Southern, then goes ahead and makes Scorpion a proprietor of BBQ cuisine. You know, you can’t have a sports career forever, so maybe he retired, hung on to the outfit, and decided to make a buck or two off his good warrior name.

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My excellent investigation skills have uncovered the origin of this Flanders’ Hot Dogs No Foot Longs T Shirt. Here’s what went down in an episode from 2000: “The Simpsons: Alone Again, Natura-Diddly (#11.14)”.

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Jeeves 3000 T Shirt

by on May 14, 2011

Jeeves 3000 seems to be the coolest robot ever. Jeeves is a name for a butler, so this robot performs the butler duties like answering your door and polishing your silver, but he also cars for your small pets, goldfish and gerbil, makes the food, brings you drinks with umbrellas, cleans the windows, takes out the trash, sweeps the floor, vacuums the floor, puts the baby down for a nap, and walks the dog. Very versatile. Very efficient. Very worth the money, when you think of all the help it replaces. Of course, this thing is not for sale to the public because only a prototype has been built. Rumor has it a servant robot like this will cost upwards of $500,000, so you have to be in the upper crust of society to afford one.

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I always thought Soy Milk was made with soy beans and shrank your nads because it increased estrogen in the body, but I was totally mistaken. Soy Milk is really just a bit of Spanglish on a carton of regular cow’s milk. Glad that’s been cleared up. If everyone just tells one other person we can educate the world on this issue.

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S & M’s T Shirt

by on April 19, 2011

Good attention to detail on this one: ball gag, fishnet stockings, vinyl high heel knee-high boots, whip, spikes, zippers. Plus, you have wordplay, taking the name of a very popular candy product and switching it up. Basically, it’s wordplay and a whole bunch more type of play if you know what I mean. Huh, ha, ha.

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