Drug T Shirts: Yay for drugs!

Drug T Shirts: Caffeine, marijuana, and the nasty stuff are featured on these mind-altering tees.

Yes on Prop 19 T Shirt

by on October 13, 2010

Gotta vote for the weed ya know. Legalize it. It’s so damn obvious I can’t even believe it’s been illegal for this long. Have we learned nothing from prohibition. The only reason Prop 19 has a chance is that California is desperate for revenue. Otherwise, it would be business as usual with the corrections industry alive and well. What happens when 42% of your criminals are no longer criminals. Gonna be some layoffs at the local prison (BTW: I made up that 42% number, but it is high…so to speak).

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Cocaine Blows T Shirt

by on September 24, 2010

Todd Barry asked for this shirt, and you know what…he gets it. Is he trying to make a statement about cocaine, like I’ve been down that road, and, no sir, you do not want to go there. It’s bad. All night parties is fun, fun, fun, but after you’ve been up for 37 hours straight and you feel like scratching your eyeballs out and there’s a metallic buzz in your head, then coke isn’t the fluffy nose candy bliss ride you believed it to be as you were cutting it with your library card on that framed picture of your teenage mom with that dog you never met.

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A spot of tea anyone? What that isn’t a tea cup? This isn’t about tea? Oh, this is all about coffee, and more importantly the very effective drug called caffeine. Oh, there’s a burgeoning culture on the Internet that plugs and glugs, ripping around the Internet at the speed of of a T1 with their brains buzzing with creativity…ideas pushing the technology and the use of it to new heights.

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IV:XX T-shirt

by on August 25, 2010

Sometimes you need to add a little class to your doob smokin’ ways. Yeah, 6 out of 7 days you can answer the question: “what time is it?” with a “4:20 dude” that would make Spicoli proud, but sometimes, mix in a little learning, education, and classiness. Get out a white board or chalk board and write out in Roman numerals: IV:XX.

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Even Jenny McCarthy and her new 24-year-old Internet Marketing Coordinator boyfriend have to approve of this vaccine. Give it to ’em early and often is what I say. What would happen if we all didn’t take drugs. It would be a fuckin’ miserable world is what I’m telling you and we’d suffer from a massive epidemic of bored assholes screwin’ stuff up for the rest of us. So, don’t give us that Big PharmaColumbia wants to stick our babies with as many needles as possible simply for the profit. Don’t tell me heroine, speed, Ecstasy, and Adderall will give us autism.

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Train Wreck Tshirt

by on July 24, 2010

Is this a shout out to Tetris. Or am I missing some picayune pop culture reference that anyone under the age of 16 knows. All I know the art looks good and the concept of wearing a Train Wreck Tshirt on your chest seems hard core.

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Hey, nothing stops potential bullies or muggers in their tracks than telling them from the outset that you have high friends in places. I mean, they hear that and they’re like, “well, then hook me up with the Bubblegum Kush, Orange Krush, Jamaican Gold, or even the little strips.” Then, they haven’t mugged you, you still have your beautiful face intact and your cash on your person, and you’ve made a new weed buddy. Win-Win.

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A Yes We Cannabis Tshirt was the subject of a bit of backlash about a week ago in Aurora, CO. A medical marijuana patient, John Gailey, was stuck with a trespassing charge by a bunch of retard security guards and banned from the Town Center at Aurora for a year.

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Here’s a very possible short scene highlighting the evils of the Devil Weed.

Glaucoma Patient: Doc…I think it’s working.
Doc: Why even come back to me if you think IT is working. You know how I feel about this.
Glaucoma Patient: Come on Doc, I was scared of losing my site, and I’d heard cannabis could help.
Doc: Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better.
Glaucoma Patient: I am. I really am, but I still wanted a professional opinion on where I’m at.
Doc: Fine. Fine. Just remember I told you marijuana has possible side effects.
Glaucoma Patient: I know. I know. Gateway drug. Lung issues. I’ll take the risk.
Doc: I was thinking more of the mental issues, like acute paranoia.
Glaucoma Patient: I’m fine. I feel good.
Doc: All right. All right. Cover your right eye. Read the chart. Start from the top.

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Hey, let’s get this out in the open right away. This becomes another very nice addition to my favorite tshirts to wear to work series that is formulating quite nicely in the deep recesses of my mind. Come in scratching your balls, bed head, yawning, eye boogers, looking off into the cubicles beyond, and getting nothing down and let your shirt tell the story of why.

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This is most certainly true. I can’t agree more. I know from personal experience that I’m a much better person when I’m wearing a nice, full moustache on my person. Now, you look at this shirt and you start to really see the power of the ‘stache. I mean it’s versatile. Look at all the different styles: big and bushy, thin and whispy, heartily waxed and shaped and everything in between. It’s miraculous. Not to mention the wide assortment of things these moustaches are making better. Look at the range. Spatula, perfume, stapler, kitty, toilet paper roll, to go coffee, and an alarm clock. And this by no means covers it. Virtually anything is improved with the moustache.

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Legalize the marijuana. When the going gets tough with the economy, the tough legalize a quite harmless drug. End the doobie prohibition. Yes you can California. Set the precedent. Yes you can Obama. Make it a federal mandate. Bring in the tax revenue empty the prisons of nonviolent criminals, so we don’t have to pay $30K plus to house and feed them.

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