Drug T Shirts: Yay for drugs!

Drug T Shirts: Caffeine, marijuana, and the nasty stuff are featured on these mind-altering tees.

Every Saturday my Mom allows me to cheat on my strict diet including eating all the chocolate I want. That is why this I Wanna Get Chocolate Wasted T Shirt is very near and dear to my heart. I feel this desire once a week. Actually, I feel it all day every day, but am only allowed to indulge once a week…well indulge in front of my mom. Sometimes I can sneak a square or two from my Saturday binge and it on Sunday or even Monday.

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Pugs Not Drugs T Shirt

by on August 11, 2011

I’m sure there’s a contingent about a million strong that own or simply love pug dogs. And I am equally certain that I would be doing those people a disservice if I didn’t do everything in my power to bring this Pugs Not Drugs t shirt to their attention. Don’t you agree? I mean you have to really have a heart for a dog as ugly as a smash faced pug. It has to be baked into the DNA, and once something grabs a hold of you at the cellular level there’s nothing you can really do but give in to your desires, such as buying every piece pug merchandise ever created on Earth.

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I was so happy to see such a nice celebration of domesticity and the culinary arts. Chicken, delicious. Pot, my favorite is Le Creuset, and Pie…yumm…homemade apple pie or blueberry or pumpkin. I was starting to swoon with a warmed heart, then someone told me that this Chicken Pot Pie My Three Favorite Things T Shirt was celebrating marijuana. It took me a few days to see it, because I had grasped onto my interpretation, and it wouldn’t let go easily, but when it finally did I was sort of devestated.

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That monkey is totally doing work, getting things done, and, of course, paying the bills. It’s the details on this Monkey Business T Shirt that really get to me, including the pin stripe suit, the stylish glasses, the manila folder, the high end coffee, and the red tie. And, to top it all off, the phone sort of reminds me of a banana just to keep everybody honest. After all this is still just a monkey.

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Hey, this is a great anti-violence, pro-weed tee for all you stoners with pacifist hearts out there. And there are a lot of you, which is why this Load Bongs Not Guns T Shirt is so popular.

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The monkey is the thing in The Hangover sequel. One can say he steals the show and them’s big words, because the show was packed with massive comedic performances. However, it’s probably advisable to own the Monkey Dealer T Shirt if you’re a fan of The Hangover 2, because it’s just a great picture of the monkey and it’s cool to have the word “dealer” above a monkey. Am I right?

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Happy 420 bro and brosettas. You know what I’m talking about, and so does Headline Shirts with this fine offering, featuring George Washington, who, as 22% of the High Times articles have reported, partook in a little of the weed, ganja, smokey smoke. Why not have an Original Chronic T Shirt with one of our founding fathers proudly on display.

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The Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation has a message for you and they hope to keep you on the straight and narrow. Otherwise, if a critical mass of the nation becomes addicted to drugs, the United States goes down in flames. There is no way to police all of the mayhem that drug-fueled masses would produce.

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This shirt is hilarious. I love it. All I can think of is Kenny G. I think I might have a thing for him, seductively holding that soprano sax just so. Yum. And, you know the man did hard core drugs, and was sexed out of his mind. Every milf in the country loved those silky shitty tunes he coaxed out of that God-forsaken instrument. Plus, he probably went both ways, so his pleasure was doubled. That’s how the math works out. Right?

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Javaboi Industries buzzes with style and humor and fills an important niche in this java-fueled world we are living in: funny coffee t shirts. What a novelty and what a niche. People love to parade around their fancy mugs, and stainless steel carafe’s, and grind and brew their fancy beans, or laugh at their slavish addiction to the local cafe’s offerings.

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Nothing like a Winnebago in the middle of the desert in the middle of summer. It’s hot and sweaty and you can’t just run the AC all day because you’ll run out of gas, so you have to be judicious and that’s hard, because the reason you’re in this predicament is because you’re cooking up meth for all the little tweakers within a 60 mile radius, and there are more than you think.

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I guess what we’re saying here is that only geeks and dweebs say no to drugs, because that’s what Sally is. Of course, she may have some very respectable qualities, like devotion to her pet rabbit, serious nightly homework sessions, and sitting quietly in church. But, if you’re really trying to get ahead you might need to say yes a few times, when offered speed, crank, heroin, grass, and barbituates and E and morphine drips. Just every once in a while so the movers and shakers don’t think you’re totally square.

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