Drinking T Shirts: Lots of beer and happiness

Drinking T Shirts: Into beer or hard alcohol? Like to have a good time & tolerate hangovers as price of living well, then these tees are for you.

Sometimes as you think of your favorite things in life, you want to view them from a different angle. In Germany cigarettes and whiskey have a different name, so you see it somewhat differently, but the amazing thing is that they are still the same as well. Wear the Zigaretten Und Whiskey T Shirt and I guarantee you’ll have a greater appreciation for the finer things in life. And you will have more fun. And better conversation.

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Libre means free in Spanish, but I don’t think that’s what Palmer Cash is getting at with this tee. I think they’re really conjuring up the magic of the Cuba Libre drink, which is, of course, rum and Coke. This Libre T Shirt may also be a shout out to a nice little island paradise that has many great things: music, cigars, rum, and many sucky things: Guantanamo Bay, Fidel Castros’ corpse.

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I didn’t catch this joke the first time around, because I have a microscopic penis, and this is about a member that is large enough to hangover to one side or the other. That’s why there’s an arrow pointing downstairs if you know what I mean. Anyway, it’s also a drinking shirt because if you look at it without the innuendo, it’s about getting up and feeling bad after too many jello shots the night before.

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Massive wordplay going on here. Basically, it’s a double wordplay. And it’s cute. What’s not to like about cute wordplay. And what could be better. Maybe ugly foreplay, but that’s about it. Anyways…you know Beatrix Potter was a huge boozer. Yeah, she always talked about drinking tea, but that was for the kids. She probably had a stack of manuscripts for adults with Peter the Rabbit in far different scenarios, including starting his own brew pub and serving frogs and hedgehogs, and serving out of the most precious little mugs, and smoking hashish…but, unfortunately Ms. Potter passed away before she could consent to having those works printed. Masterful I’m sure…just like her work for the youth.

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This is a lovely little shirt. I especially like that fact that you can get these three types of items in a drive thru. That’s awesome and convenient and as Headline Shirts says on the page, there’s nothing more convenient when you’re really pissed off than having an opportunity to pick up these types of things to numb the anger/pain, and give yourself the courage to break the law, take justice into your own hands, and shoot and blow up some shit.

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Lovecraft and Cthulhu tea. I have no idea what this is about. I’m familiar with the author HP Lovecraft, but not so much that I would know this Dunwich Dunkel character. Still, I like this shirt just because it’s a little esoteric and it is a very pleasing design. But, because I’m a servant to my dear readership, I will also research for 15 seconds and figure out what the heck the Dunwich Dunkel H.P. Lovecraft T Shirt actually means.

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At first I thought it was a piss sample, then I thought why would you save that much urine, because that’s definitely more than one visit to the loo. And, also, why would carrying around a half quart of piss be a party. Of course, I haven’t been around much seeing as I live in mom’s basement, so maybe that’s the cutting edge of nightlife behavior. Third thing to come to mind was why can’t that girl model move her hair so you can see more of the shirt, but then I realized I could have picked the image Busted Tees offers of just the shirt art work. I chose the girl because she’s cute.

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It’s a classic drink and according to this fine cocktail site, you just need gin, dry vermouth, olive juice, and olives. I guess the dirty comes in the olive juice. Is that right my fine reader? I guess I could look up martini and figure out the difference, and I am going to do this, because I like to go the extra mile for my fine peeps. I see a dry martini recipe that calls for gin, dry vermouth and an olive, so it looks like the olive juice is the distinguishing factor.

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I like this one. Mohawk, leather jacket, wiry mean, dark eye socket recesses, Fear playing Let’s Have a War in the background, and the dude’s drinking an appletini in a red tinged glass. It’s enough of a disconnect to cause hemmorraging in the brain if you’re not careful. Do you like this Lush T Shirt as much as me? Let me know in the comments.

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The only problem I have with this shirt is that I’d like to see the artwork lower…like over the belly rather than the chest. That would be perfect. I think this is a really nice sentiment and makes obesity funny and light-hearted instead of all the heavy news stories about fatness causing cancer, and heart problems and all that other bullshit. Forget that. Embrace the gut with the This Ain’t a Beer Belly It’s a Fuel Tank for a Sex Machine T Shirt. Fat dudes need some action too.

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Nice little shirt for the alcoholic in all of us. Whether you kick up your feet after work and have one cold one every evening, or you suck down bottles of cheap vodka in the backseat of your car in the driveway at 2 AM every night before passing out on the bathroom floor, but always getting up and at ’em and ready for work, before the kids get up, so there isn’t an embarrassing scene.

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Bar Fight T Shirt

by on March 9, 2011

I’m going to try to give you a play-by-play on what’s happening on this Bar Fight T Shirt. Somehow, everything on the liquor shelf at the neighborhood bar has become pissed. Some kind of misunderstanding. Somebody is sleeping with someone they shouldn’t or something. Anyway, the flask or fifth got ahold of a cork screw and he’s menacing the bottle of wine, who happens to grabbing the little sword sticks with olives from the martini to protect himself. Meanwhile, the martini has the beer in a headlock and is popping open his top with a bottle opener. The beer has legs like the flask, but doesn’t have arms, so the only real way to get out of this situation is to run, and it looks like it’s too late for that. The flask has both arms and legs, so that’s going to be hard to deal with. The wine bottle and martini glass have arms so there next on the list in terms of odds of winning this brawl. Beer is going to lose. No doubt. Now, I’m not sure if there is any teaming up here or if it’s everybody for themselves.

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