Drinking T Shirts: Lots of beer and happiness

Drinking T Shirts: Into beer or hard alcohol? Like to have a good time & tolerate hangovers as price of living well, then these tees are for you.

Want to feel important? You can be a walking cocktail book Lebowski style. Don’t worry these “Caucasians” aren’t only for Caucasians, this shirt is good for fan White Russian or Lebowski fan. Vodka, then coffee liquor goes into a glass. Don’t have any fancy cream? Just half-ass it with some half-and-half.

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Designed by spacemonkeydr, this Dark Lords Happy Hour T Shirt is a special treat. Very funny. Birds of a feather flock together. It’s good to get together with peers, knock a few back to loosen the tongue, and just talk shop. Here we have Darth Vader, Sauron, and Voldemort bonding over liquor and an unknown dive.

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You can tell Headline Shirts is into the bicycle culture. They have shirts featuring Napoleon on a bike, Big Foot on a bike, a taco on a bike, I Stolen Bike SF transitive pictograph verbalization, and this Roadie T Shirt, which includes a lovely brown paper bag-covered can of beer in the water bottle rack. That is the ultimate ride. Forget looking like an asshole with your CamelBak (the ride has to be over 20 miles to justify that). Forget the spandex, racing jersey, helmet, 21 gears and brakes. You gotta be cool.

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It’s always the best policy to walk around telling every girl you fancy that they’re whores. Cash or liquor? Same same. Just a means to an end if you know what I mean. I know that you’ll be leaving with me tonight. Hey, isn’t that a Franz Ferdinand song: misoginysts. Anyways, if you’re one of these guys with all the confidence in the world and a penchant for the naughtier girls, this Can I Buy You a Drink Or Should I Just give You Cash Instead T shirt is exactly what you need to fine tune your game.

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This shirt brings up a very good point. I mean there are things subject to interpretation, but at the very least you have to start in the morning if you’re going to do something all day. Literally you would need to go 24 hours straight without stopping, but that’s ludicrous. You have to pee sometimes. I would say drinking all day means you have to start at 9 AM and go through midnight. Can we all agree on that?

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Tshirt Bordello likes the beverage with horror film logo on it. Usually it’s beer, but this particular shout out to Jack Nicholson and The Shining, obviously lent itself to the harder stuff. Like Rum. Like Horror films. Like wordplay. If any of those things fall in your dig it ledger, then you’ll need to buy this Red Rum T Shirt with your hard-earned money right now.

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Sure enough you have a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea reference right here. If you’re a fan of Jules Verne and his classic novel then this Kraken Full Steam Pale Ale T Shirt is a no brainer. If you’re a steam punk you probably also want to own this tee because it speaks to the time that you harken to. If you’re a fan of Pale Ales this shirt is also for you. Now, is there anybody left in the world not covered by those three groups. Doubtful.

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Hey, when it comes to beer misspelling is awesome. Shows you’re dedicated to your craft, which is drinking to oblivian, destroying brain cells and forgetting how to spell. Awesome. Everybody will think the beautiful symmetric rhyme on this Heer for the Beer T Shirt is so kick ass, you’ll probably be served all night like you were a sultan or something.

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We have a little wordplay here. You see, when you see this type of guy and he’s saying he passed the bar exam, you think that he’s now certified to practice law in his given state. But, then he’s hoisting a mug, which can be a perfectly reasonable way to celebrate such an achievement, but he also has a little bit of that alcoholic look, so maybe he’s just making a joke on this I Passed the Bar Exam T Shirt.

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Those creepy twins walking down the hall, guess it’s not their fault they were murdered and can’t seem to find their way to the light, so they hang in limbo and haunt the halls of the hotel. God axe murder is such a messy affair. If you’re a beer and horror fan, then you probably must own this Doppelganger Double Stout T Shirt, because it speaks deeply to you on so many levels and allows you to show others where you’re coming from. Who cares if you scare away 95% of the people you come into contact with. It’s that other 5% of deep bonding and friendship that makes wearing this tee totally worthwhile.

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This is a pretty spectacular deal, and they tack on the most important part to the end. Spend $50 by May 31 at Donkey Tees and you will get a free Koozie, and a $20 gift certificate to use in June 2011. That’s like a 40% off deal. Awesome. Use code FIREWORKS to get the deal. That’s a weird code, because you think that would be reserved for 4th of July, but “hey” it doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the deal.

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Party Sub T Shirt

by on May 24, 2011

That sub is the life of every party he ever attends. Boozin’ and fornicatin’ and gettin’ into tons of trouble. But, he always shows up to work on time and is respectful to his gramma, so give the boy some leeway…sowing his wild oats. If you are into sandwiches with drinking problems that are super fun to be around, then you probably need to make the world knows that by purchasing and wearing the Party Sub T Shirt.

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