Drinking T Shirts: Lots of beer and happiness

Drinking T Shirts: Into beer or hard alcohol? Like to have a good time & tolerate hangovers as price of living well, then these tees are for you.


Get This Tee from 6 Dollar Shirts

Ah. St. Paddy’s Day. When you can walk up to people and ask them to buy you a car bomb, and they’ll know exactly what you’re saying and oblige (…if you’re a hot chick). Otherwise, people will tell you to get O’Fuckin’ lost just like any other day of the year. Still, it’s a great holiday and I’m totally stoked it’s just ’round the bend.

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Get this Shirt From Five Finger Tees

Hey ho, it’s near St. Patty’s and this is the shirt for you to wear on the big green day. Let’s go O’Shanigan. Bust out the green in your wallet and pick this one up. You wanna look good at the pub March 17 and with this fresh design you will. No you can’t wear that Larry Bird throwback for the 10th year in a row.

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Get This Shirt From Busted Tees

Game of Thrones! Best beer on the show. You hear them all talking about it. Man, would love to get my hands on some of that Direwolf Winter Lager. It’s seasonal, so you gotta get it while you can. But, we’re on this gruelling journey that involves horses, beards, and rough fire light sex, so we may not grab a sixer in time. Damn.

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Time Flies T Shirt

by on March 4, 2013


Get this Shirt From Orcus

Time may fly, but that crow or raven ain’t going much further in the air with all those arrows sticking in him. Or maybe he’s like a super bird or becomes invincible when he drinks the Orcus Brand No Champions Spirits.

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Love Beer T Shirt

by on February 20, 2013


Get this Tee From Headline Shirts

Wanna look super hard core. Tattoo your fingers so you can spell two words with two fists. This is really good times. Now, of course, the message matters. But, everybody has done love – hate. Good – evil. Dogs – cats. Fish – pears. And paper – plastic. But, have you ever seen Love – Beer? No you have not. This is fantastic, because you can let people know exactly where you stand with the beer.

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P-Day T Shirt

by on February 19, 2013


Get This Shirt From Saucewear

It’s like D-Day, except with beer girls dropping out of planes with parachutes to deliver refreshing alcoholic beverages. And, instead of June 6, we’re talking about March 17, because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and you need to be prepared to wage an all-out assault on thirst. And you need to look good — wearing this tee — while you’re at it.

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Houdini Keg Stand T Shirt

by on February 13, 2013


Get This Tee From Headline Shirts

This is awesome. What a trick. If you can’t read the rest of the words on the shirt, it says…Houdini performs his death-defying, upside-down keg stand in a straight jacket! Twice nightly at 7 & 9. Nowhere to run. Escape of finish the keg.

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Get this Shirt From Sharing Machine

I don’t know how appropriate this shirt is with its severe vulgarity, but no matter where you land on the prude-O-meter, you gotta love the juxtaposition of the old-timey alcohol barrels and jugs, and the modern day street language. Am I right?

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Whiskey Socks

by on January 20, 2013


Get These Socks from Snorg Tees

People need to know you’re a heavy drinker, and that you don’t mess around with the kids stuff. Because when it’s time to be served you want a glass of whiskey in front of you. This is basically double warmth. Long socks and hard liquor warming your insides.

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Red Beer Socks

by on January 20, 2013


Get These Socks from Snorg Tees

If you like beer and long socks and looking sexy then this is the product that will change you life because these knee-high socks have all of that, and more. What are you waiting for. It’s cold out. Get some socks that basically cover up most of your leg. Unlike the model, you might want to wear pants if you go outside.

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Get This Tee From 6 Dollar Shirts

A lot of times these shirts with the thumbs that start out with “this guy…” usually move into braggart territory or even worse, sexual deviance, but this particular example is kind of cute in that he just wants to have a cold beverage. Give the guy a cold beverage. I bet you get a lot of free cold beers at parties and bars. Well, at least very prompt service at bars.

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Lights Out T Shirt

by on December 30, 2012


Get this shirt from Threadless

That lamp is wasted. Funniest thing you’ll see at a party all year. Host probably should have cut him off, or somebody should have taken his keys because he ended up killing an elderly couple as his vehicle swerved on the drive home. How funny is that multiple lampshade stuff now. Hunh?

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