Drinking T Shirts: Lots of beer and happiness

Drinking T Shirts: Into beer or hard alcohol? Like to have a good time & tolerate hangovers as price of living well, then these tees are for you.

Often I think that specialization has run amok. Phd’s for studying fowl>chickens>bantam>feces, instead of getting the broad picture, we’ve got researchers so deep into their minutiae they can’t make a connection outside their own chicken shit studies and their work becomes futile, because there are no broader applications other than very detailed wikipedia entries.

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When it comes time to get adventurous on a Saturday night, and you know what I mean by adventurous, then you absolutely need to wear this shirt. You will not believe how stating exactly what you want in no uncertain terms attracts just the right type of attention you are looking for.

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Party Pooper T Shirt

by on August 23, 2008

First off. This has got to be some party. I mean this Party Pooper’s got a pointy party hat and a beer. Right there says off the hook. Next, I’m thinking you have some substantial snacks if you gotta go number 2 in the middle of a get together that’s this hot.

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Irish Yoga T Shirt

by on July 30, 2008

These guys are really limbering up, opening the shakras and getting to that zen state.

Celebrate a different state of mind. Evolve and find your higher self.

Molly McCrakken says get this Irish Yoga tee, because it’s high art and riotous and green.

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Maybe we wouldn\'t have so many drunken astronauts if all these computers didn\'t have spacebars TshirtLamest joke to make it on a tshirt in a long time. Good for torso pants for keeping the hopes of millions of lame-ass joke telling uncles. I’m going to repeat what they have on this shirt because I can’t quite believe it: Maybe we wouldn’t have so many Druken Astronauts if all these computers didn’t have Spacebars.

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Stay Classy California TshirtThis is a very important message from Ron Burgundy. When you get pulled every which way but loose, and heaven-forbid start to go down that road where classy doesn’t live, pull this tshirt out of the drawer and remind yourself. Talk about positive affirmations. Talk about willing yourself to a better life. Simply wearing this shirt does half the work for you.

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Mommy Drank Tshirt

by on June 5, 2008

Mommy Drank TshirtThis shirt seriously hit me upside the head. It takes a beat or two to sink in. That tough guy pose with the tatted digits is hoopty whirled on its head and all of a sudden we’re talking about a deformity that really shouldn’t be humorous at all, except that the violence on all those screens I stare at has desensitized me. Not to mention the rap music. And pointless slaughter of chickens to feed my craving for meaty legs.

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Amish: Don\'t Drink or Drive TshirtThis one went over my head for a second, bounced around the room and hit me with potent hilarity. At first glance you’re thinking it’s a PSA. Then you think it’s one of those tired “I drive better when I drink” messages. But, if you stick with it, boom, the Amish don’t drink or drive. Beautiful. I’m diggin’ that beard. In fact, any tshirt that features a beard immediately gets special consideration.

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tshirt viernes

Photo by matiasjajaja

First, orange is my favorite color.

Second, the ringer tee is always visually pleasing, especially the dark green and orange combo.

Third, Bensimon [clover pic] drink more beer is sweet artwork.

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