Drinking T Shirts: Lots of beer and happiness

Drinking T Shirts: Into beer or hard alcohol? Like to have a good time & tolerate hangovers as price of living well, then these tees are for you.

Nice little mashup of a king and a pirate on a playing card, which is always a nice place to start when building an interesting design. Playing cards are so dang pleasing to the eye with their intricate detail and their social classes.

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Fuck preparedness. You’re never going to be truly prepared when some random catastrophe strikes. It’s impossible. The canned food in the cellar ain’t gonna help. The weaponry hidden in the ceiling panels. The water purifier. The mystery tablets. Not going to do anything. The only thing you should always have on hand is a nice bottle of alcohol, so you can get drunk quickly and dance like a maniac. That’s the only real way to face insurmountable adversity. Like this is what Viggo should have done in The Road. Forget all the scrambling around and scrounging for food. Just break out that last bottle of bourbon and dance like a fool.

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Hey, look someone finally captured the duty of coverage the ATF has been entrusted to. And, now they finally have a new logo that aligns with the hard living shit they deal with on a daily basis. I guess my only question is where are the drugs and the gambling. I feel like that should be in the ATF wheelhouse as well. Skip the cult stuff…like the David Koresh fiasco in Corpus Christi, TX a few years (decades??) back, and give me some drugs and gambling.

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Get yourself a couple of classic St. Patty’s Day Shirts at Busted Tees for only $14. But, don’t dilly dally, there’s only a couple hours of this sale left. It’s on through February 25, 2011, 11:59 p.m. midnight Eastern Time. Act fast and get the Fight Me I’m Irish and the Irish I Were Drunk T Shirts. Once the clock hits midnight these shirts go back to their regular price of $237, so as you can see it’s quite a sale. Okay, maybe they aren’t that much regularly, but I’m trying to drum up some fervency. Get people movin’.

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Keg Line Polo Shirt

by on February 16, 2011

Somehow I’ve missed this shirt in the Snorg Tees collection. Could be I’m always on the look out for t shirts and don’t notice a polo shirt. But, this is really kind of funny. Usually that polo logo stands for classiness and a certain social class, but now you have a chance to flip that shit upside down by wearing the Keg Line Polo Shirt. That’s a little keg embroidered on your polo. No one will even notice until they get up close and at that point it’s too late. They’re going to see it and either be offended that you’ve made the upscale polo crass, or they’re going to be blown away at how awesome your sense of humor and love of beer is. Either way it makes a statement and what’s better than making statements without even having to say a word.

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Live a Little T Shirt

by on February 15, 2011

This shirt needs absolutely no explanation because it is farkin’ hilarious from the get. You know what I’m going to do to honor the brilliance of this Live a Little T Shirt? I’m going to list every little thing that shows up in its grid of awesomeness.

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If you have the skills let them know. If you have done the work, and put in the reps, and reached your goals, and surpassed your potential as a heavy duty, serious-ass drinker, then you need to let everyone know, as you’re walking into the party or the bar, what they are dealing with. It’s like a pro basketball player walking onto a playground to for some pick up. He has to let people know he plays for the Twolves. You know what I mean. Millicic can’t just jump on the court and destroy everybody and not tell ’em what’s up. Same thing with top notch drinkers.

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My thought is who cares about the Super Bowl, let’s do a shirt that has a little wordplay involving beer and baseball. Actually, I don’t care about the baseball either, but that really doesn’t matter either. Everybody knows what a relief pitcher is and everybody has been at the bar and needed another pitcher, so this Bring in the Relief Pitcher T Shirt is very relevant, and I’m sure much in demand.

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Have you seen Beerfest? If so, I don’t need to tell you the Broken Lizard hit about a triple with this one. It’s not a home run but it’s an extra base hit, and you know what, as any baseball player will tell you, that’s pretty good. I would highly recommend any triple movies. If you’re into retarded comedies then, of course, you need to see this one. The Das Boot When the Bubble Comes Turn the Boot  T shirt is a little obscure, which I think adds a little more mystique and desirability to it.

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You’re probably wondering why this Xmas T shirt now. You’re probably just now getting over the hustle and bustle of the holidays and trying to settle into 2011 and getting back into the groove. Well, you can’t ever forget about being on the right side of the Santa ledger by being more nice than naughty. It’s a good message to carry with you throughout the year. Maybe I’ll do a Christmas T Shirt review every month. I mean Snorg Tees makes this It’s the Most Wonderful Time for a Beer T Shirt available January through December, so why shouldn’t I talk about it all the time.

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Let’s see what we have here. Sombrero on a tequila bottle. One of those furry winter hats from Russia with a star on the front on a bottle of vodka. A beat up old cowboy hat on some whiskey. Pirate hat on the rum. And a sophisticated top hat on the gin, because top hatters drink G&T’s. This is a lovely shirt. What would happen if you got all the drinkers represented on this Celebrate Diversity T Shirt in the same room, imbibing the alcohol of their choice.

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The classic drinking song. 99 bottles of beer on the wall. 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on wall. Of course, this probably needs to be amended to something like 99 bottles of beer on my t shirt, 99 bottles of beer. Cut one out and leave no doubt. 98 bottles of beer on my t shirt. Trouble is even you only make it through half of the song or even a quarter of the song you have a pretty mangled 99 Bottles of Beer T Shirt.

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