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T-shirt Designers: A lot of sites don’t give credit to the designers, but this is where I feature works with a known designer.

Shitty Mountains T Shirt

by on February 21, 2011

On a touristy looking shirt like this you expect to see Mt. Shasta, or the Ozarks, or Estes Park or something like that. Just a signal that you’ve been to a wonderful mountainous spot. But, here you get the misdirection, and that’s what cool about it. Sometimes you put all your effort into a tough task, you commit to a goal, and you reach the top, you summit the mountain, and you find out that the rewards are not there that the mountain wasn’t you thought it was and you feel dejected. This is the time you need to wear the Shitty Mountains T Shirt.

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I liked this movie, and this was a nice scene in the car driving up to the ski resort. John Cusack’s character, Adam talks about how he broke up with the chick he had lost his virginity to in one of the shuttered bars in the ghost town that used to be a hoppin’ resort. Craig Robinson as Nick Weber, and Rob Corddry, as Lou Dorchen, recall how hot the girl was and can’t believe Adam dumped her. Adam was second guessing it as well, because all they did was listen to records and have sex.

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I just had sex and it felt so good is a Lonely Island song featuring Akon. You can see the video below. Be one of the first…oh wait…there’s already 24 million views. How about you can be the first on your block to have the I Just Had Sex and It Felt So Good T Shirt. That’s some braggin’ rights if you ask me.

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I would say there’s a crapton of t shirts on sale for $9 at Threadless right now. Apparently, the sale ends tomorrow (Tues. December 7) at 10 a.m., so if you’re thinking about it take some action now. Or else you’ll forget.

I’m going to count them up right now. Five pages of 50 shirts for the guys. I’m no Euclid, but I think that’s about 250 shirts that you can basically steal for $9.

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Very wise advice from a man that knows, Joseph Ducreux. Actually, the story behind this dude is kind of interesting. He explored different types of portait painting, and, in fact, did paint his self-portrait with him pointing.

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Faux Paw Tshirt

by on October 23, 2009

faux-paw-tshirtThey were going to call it prosthetic canine leg, but it just didn’t fit on the shirt or roll off the tongue.

You know what’s cool is that this dog looks like it’s ready to play fetch. Like nothing can stop this strong-willed, three-legged beast. Inspiring. Actually, it makes me feel like a complete lame-o for not even being able to get my daily exercise done.

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