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T-shirt Designers: A lot of sites don’t give credit to the designers, but this is where I feature works with a known designer.

Super Violent Monkey T Shirt

by on September 23, 2011

This here shirt is pretty spectacular. That monkey is totally dressed all casual, but he’s seeing red and will tear your face off if you don’t give him plenty of space. Sometimes you don’t even know when it’s coming with the Super Violent. It’s funny you notice details on this Super Violent Monkey T Shirt, yet it’s intentionally blurry.

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Pretty funny concept. When you think about a go-getter or self-help guru, or motivational speaker, who wants to take it beyond the tried and true wisdom of the clothes make the man, into a fresh perspective on the hair. Why not? The hair is also very important. You can get a haircut from just anywhere, or, God forbid, do it yourself, and risk fucking it up really bad.

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Sugar Daddy T Shirt

by on September 17, 2011

I didn’t know that Sugar Daddy’s had to advertise, but I guess times are tough and if you can’t afford the threads that show you have the money, then the next best thing is to wear a shirt that says you have the dough. Normally, you think the come hither looks and the confident banter directed at the hottest chick (who looks expensive) in the room, along with tasteful bling, expensive clothes and casual mentions of the Porsche in the parking lot was all you really needed to do to lure in the ladies. But, maybe your portfolio got slammed in the last crash, and the real estate is in the shitter, you got laid off the 6-figure corporate gig, and now, well now you gotta do what you can to continue playing the game.

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Charlie Sheen has certainly had a little bit of break in his mind, but it’s entertaining and his half cocked nutty shit actually sort of make sense sometimes. If I had to his rants more than like 3 minutes a month, I’d probably lose my mind, because he’s super obnoxious and pretty corny.

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This is a good one to wear to work or when you’re being very creepy-sleazy in a bar, blitzed out of your mind, feeling up mannequins…you know your average Tuesday night.

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U Mad, Bro? T Shirt

by on September 8, 2011

What we have here is a meme. This particular phrase is used on forums when someone is starting to get mad in a thread. Often considered trolling because this type of smart ass response often fuels the fire. Kind of funny for sure. Go check out Know Your Meme for the full history of this thing.

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Trollface T Shirt

by on September 5, 2011

This represents the face of someone trolling a forum. Want to know more about it, then you should probably go read about it on Know Your Meme.

For the rest of you that know about the 4Chan, deviantArt, Reddit and Whynne, then you’re probably already a big fan of the meme, and most likely you are about 2 seconds from pulling out your Mom’s credit card and buying this Trollface T Shirt. I don’t blame you. That face is awesome, even for tose that don’t anything about its origins.

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David Cross does a heck of a job as Tobias Funke on the show Arrested Development and if you enjoyed his work then you probably need this Tobias Funke T Shirt, because there is no other shirt out in this great wide universe that really says Tobias Funke like this one. I mean this is hard core Tobias Funke, and Tobias Funke only. Glasses. Mustache. Male pattern baldness.

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Richard Pryor T Shirt

by on September 4, 2011

Richard Pryor was an awesome standup at least for a white hot period of time. Very influential to the comedy community, and if you’re into him, I don’t need to tell you why it would be a great idea to purchase this Richard Pryor T shirt. Okay, maybe just a few reasons:

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Jump on this right now!  You can get 15% off at Nowherebad when you use code GoApe at checkout. It’s only good through the rest of today (Friday, August 5), so you better hurry.

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Nice little mashup of the classic game Space Invaders and the Empire Strikes Back movie from the Star Wars series. They’re coming at your base with all of the space craft from the evil empire. Of course, they kept one space alien character up there to make it authentic. Also, do you see the Death Star on top. That’s funny.

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Love this one, especially with the NBA and NFL in lockout mode right now. You gotta have some kind of red and blue sporting logo that is relevant, and this certainly is as the end is near.

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