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Previously on Tshirt Groove Funny Tshirts of the Day blog, we discussed the athletic prowess of Jesus. Today, let’s discuss Jesus’ fiscal responsibility. Basically, as it says in Galatians, he was a 50-50 guy. Whatever money you make 50 percent goes into the piggy bank and 50 percent goes to sinful pleasures…I mean food, shelter, water, clothing – you know the necessities.

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That’s Shady T Shirt

by on August 7, 2008

Did you know that I believe the children are our future and as such, I totally want to share with the world this very important message tshirt. Fathers and mothers keep your sons and daughters on the straight and narrow. Peel them away from there iPods and game consoles just long enough to get ’em into the real world, so that you can advise them on what’s cool and what’s shady.

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Jesus Saves Hockey Goalie Tshirt

This is kind of glossed over in the Bible, but Jesus was quite the multi-sport athlete. Bo knows nuthin’. Jesus Knows goalie in both soccer and hockey. Jesus Saves. He also was able to transfer those skills to lacrosse and team handball.

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