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This is truly badass, and you can’t disagree. A person walks up to you and follows the instructions on the front of the shirt. You pull up the shirt, and slit their throat with your ninja sword. Awesome. Wear an undershirt, because you might get kicked out of a public place if you’re flashing people your washboard abs.

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Get This Tee From Crazy Dog Tshirts

Hey, if you’re passionate about something the best way to prove it is wear a t-shirt that says so. If you are a girl and love the holiday season, and specifically Christmas, then this tee is absolutely perfect for you. If you’re a guy and like to be a goofball, this is a pretty good one for you, though it might fit weird since it looks like it has a girl cut. Of course, that might increase the fun even more.

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This shirt kind of makes you look like an expert in the lore of the sasquatch, so you would think to be worthy to wear it you would need to know a lot about the squatch. But, in fact, you don’t. Why? Because if the questions get too heavy, you just lift up your shirt and put on the Big Foot mask. That answers everything.

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Get This Tee from Crazy Dog Tshirts

So, every woman between the ages of 25-62 has read 50 Shades of Grey. This is interesting. What the hell is going on that all these women are desperate to get some sexuality into their lives in the form of a second rate erotica novel? I actually haven’t read the book, so I’m reporting on the quality second hand. I have no problem with it to tell you the truth. Read all the lascivious shit you want is the creed I live by.

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You should be clapping your hands about now because you are awesome. But, now you need to spread it around, and make sure everybody else feels good about themselves as well. How do you do that? Glad you asked. You wear this shirt all about town and encourage people to take it to the next level with the self love and clap themselves into oblivion.

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You have your shirt, shorts, badge and utility belt to look just like Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911 this Halloween. You just add the moustache, sunglasses, and, of course, the dangle.

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crazy-dog-shirts-logoCrazy Dog T-Shirts are already some of the cheapest funny tshirts on the web. They have a ton of $9 shirts and they even offer one shirt in the collection for $6.99 each and every day. Reason enough to keep your eye on this place. Now, for a limited time only you can get 10% off all of their inventory by using the following discount code at checkout:  SHARETEN

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beer-pong-hero-tshirtMan you gotta let it loose on the weekend. After a tough week of downloading Smog records on the fastest torrent. Keeping everybody up-to-date on every hottie you see on campus via twitter and delivering hoagie sandwiches every evening, your tired and ready to get your drink on.

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Party Pooper T Shirt

by on August 23, 2008

First off. This has got to be some party. I mean this Party Pooper’s got a pointy party hat and a beer. Right there says off the hook. Next, I’m thinking you have some substantial snacks if you gotta go number 2 in the middle of a get together that’s this hot.

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Alright. This shirt is just too cute to ignore. It makes you smile, so it’s in the “made a little funny” category. And what about that faux vintage wear. That makes this gem all the more loveable. Plus, don’t ever under estimate the funny power of mutual admiration between wood and stone. It’s elemental.

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