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Comics T Shirts: All your favorite super heroes and animated characters that have found their way on to tees.

Doing a little research on this Axe Cop comic, and it’s pretty crazy. The series was started by two brothers, Malachai Nicolle, 5, and Ethan Nicolle, 29. Yes, you read that right brothers 24 years apart. Weird. Somebody should have got a vascectomy, but how can I say that. Now, Malachai is contributing to an awesome web comic. So, you never know what destiny has in store for you. Anyways, this Gritty Wexter T Shirt seems to feature the Axe Cop riding a dinosaur with machine guns for arms and sunglasses, which is smart because you always heard that the T Rex’s ultimate flaw was those useless short arms and their overly-sensitive eyes. Problem solved.

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What you have here is the Mistress star of Olgaf’s on-going pornographic comic. Hey, trivia question. After looking at that site do you think the author is a man or woman? Ah, hell, what am I going to do, answer in a subsequent post. I’m going to tell you now. It’s a woman from Australia, Trudy Cooper. I was under the assumption it was a dude, but I was wrong. Interesting. Anyway, back to the Falcon Mistress T Shirt. It is certainly an interesting looking shirt with a beautiful woman in a skimpy outfit, and a falcon and skulls, but it’s probably more for all of the Oglaf fans out there.

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Hey, this is funny on a several different levels. Normally these transformers turn into cars or planes or other cool things, so that they can’t be recognized easily on Earth, but here’s Optimus Prime, the leader of the good guys, putting on a funny nose and glasses disguise hoping the decepticons and the humans that don’t understand don’t recognize him. That’s pretty funny. The semi cab wasn’t working for him apparently. Actually, I think he’s trying to look more human so he can get with Megan Fox. Steal her from Shia LaBeouf’s character, Sam Wickiwhack.

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So you poured through the periodic tables and did not find this element. You say you looked closely for an hour checking off each one as you went, and still did not see Adamantium. In fact, you risk severe punishment and displeasure from your chemistry teacher because you actually marked up her colorful Periodic Table Chart that she hangs on the wall in front of her room…and still you could not find it.

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A little switch up on the He-Man by the Power of Greyskull. Pretty clever. Pretty nice. I like the image on the shirt, a little skull with a yellow hard hat and some lightening. Dude. Don’t mess with electricity, it is very powerful and it can fry your little brains out, or it can turn you into a Master of the Universe. Not sure you want to take that chance. May be safer just to get the Greyskull Power Company T Shirt and wear it often.

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Of course we’re talking about Bruce Wayne’s company in the DC Universe comic series. Formerly WayneCorp, but I guess Lucius Fox thought they needed a little freshening up of the brand, so they pushed through the change to Enterprises. Good move in my opinion.

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Alright. October is upon us and it is now time to talk about Halloween. Yes, I know WalMart has had special candy bins and pumpkin candy collectors on display since June 9, but I refuse to talk about Halloween until the month of October. It’s still a full month away for God’s sake. That’s enough time to figure out the costume.

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Yeah, right there is Michael Cera and he’s wearing this ringer tee, and guess what, you can wear it too. You won’t look as good as Cera in it, but nobody can. It’s no big thing. No shame. Just go ahead and get it. You’ll still be pretty cool

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This story is true and again shows the effects of global warming, but, really, whats a little ice cube in the great big ocean tumbler. The bigger story is how the Russians are involved, and for that you have to get away from the biased media and follow the coverage on the only news outlet that really has no agenda:

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Bat and Robin Tshirt

by on March 8, 2010

This is a tremendous shirt, especially because these two fliers have yellow utility belts. And let’s not overlook the red-breasted robin’s mask. Terrific. Now you know, that bad is really sacrificing as he aids the community with important crime fighting, because it looks like a nice sunny day, and bats are usually upside down in the rafters or in a tree during the day. This nocturnal hero is trying to keep it up, though you can see the strain of lack of sleep on his face.

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Superman Tshirt

by on August 21, 2008

superman-t-shirtNot sure why, but Superman tshirts make me laugh. Either you have someone who takes themselves way to seriously. Looks in the mirror and sees a lion and seriously believes that they are as close to Superman as any real person can be. And that makes me laugh, ‘cuz basically that dude needs to chill.

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