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Comics T Shirts: All your favorite super heroes and animated characters that have found their way on to tees.

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Those are some serious gams on that chick, and she knows how to use them. There are roosters from miles around that have heard the story of this one. Many try to fly the coop in order to get a closer look. Most fail, but a few have been outside the fence whistling and asking for just a minute of her time, so they can talk and maybe arrange a coupling.

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They aim to misbehave. This is a mashup of the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip and the Firefly television show. Pretty ingenious really. The ship is misspelled just like those two would do: Serenite rather than the proper Serenity, which was the name of the movie.

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It’s kind of strange to combine the word distressed with Superman, but I’m pretty sure you can accurately describe the man as distressed in some of the situations he gets into. Plus, I can’t see how that costume he wears can ever stay perfectly clean and without a nick or scratch. Dudes like dragging trains around, and going to the center of the earth through fault lines. It just seems like maybe his outfit should probably look a little distressed.

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You have a serious mashup right here with Superman and the falling Mad Men character in the opening credits. Does Superman catch that dude, or maybe he doesn’t like the advertising industry so he just lets him hit pavement. Splat! Tough call, but one thing is for sure. This SuperMad T Shirt is very appealing to the eye and a real cool combo of two distinct pieces of entertainment that you don’t always think of together.

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This is a great design, capturing Bill Bixby right in the midst of his change from ordinary man into the Incredible Hulk. Of course, you also have the Barack Obama campaign poster angle here as well, which is the perfect touch. Shepard Fairey’s design for the Obama Change and Hope campaign really made an impact, and it continues to show up all over the place, especially on funny t shirts.

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Hey look at those boys having a good ol’ time. Makes me think back to my happy and fancy free days of yore. Ah youth. Chip and Chet are having a great time with a pair of hobnail boots for Chip and Chet’s face. It’s fun!

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I can’t quite put my finger on why I like this shirt. There is some element that really draws me. Maybe it’s a subliminal thing. Or maybe it’s the colors. Or geez I just can’t quite wrap my mind around what is so appealing. Is anyone else having this sort of visceral reaction to this Girl Vs. Robot T shirt?

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Most intense chess match ever. Nice little mashup of chess and Mortal Kombat. Scorpion is totally going check mate the hell out of Sub-Zero. Finish him! Finish him right now! Finish him forever! Like this funny Mortal Kombat Chess Match T Shirt? Then, visit Tshirt Bordello and get many as you and your friends and your favorite relatives would like. Right now!

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I’m really not sure what this shirt means. Of course, you have the five boroughs of New York City. And maybe each borough has a signature cocktail. Okay, maybe I figured it out. Done. And that, my dear, is why you should purchase the Five Boroughs Cocktails T Shirt.

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This is funny. Rorschach is a badass and someone you would think wouldn’t sell out space on his face for quick cash. But, some soulless corporation got to him (everybody…EVERYBODY has a price) and now he’s got a static QR code on his face, which, when you point your smart device at it, gives you 65 cents off your next purchase of a Big Mac. Rorschach gets 20 cents for everyone that downloads the coupon.

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When it comes to celebrate Sub Zero, the ice ninja, from Mortal Kombat, what better way than this Sub Zero’s Refrigeration Repair T Shirt spoof. It’s funny and cool and something you should probably own before the end of the month. Am I right?

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Love the wordplay right here. And the image is great too. Peter Parker doesn’t even need his web slinging ability when he’s puts on his special Peter Parkour spandex suit without the webbed lines, which gives him parkour abilities and the wonderful elusiveness required to stay away from paying licensing fees to Marvel.

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