Bluth's Banana Stand - Back in Business
When I first saw an ad for Arrested Development, Season 4 a few weeks ago, I thought I was hallucinating. Back in 2006, when the show was abruptly cancelled, I was pretty ticked. Just as in the Bluth’s Banana stand when Michael Bluth brought it back during season 1, there will always be money in bringing back something people demanded to bring back. This season, I have to say has been pretty funny. I like how they are telling one of each of the character’s stories and weaving them together. It makes it a little more difficult to follow but each one is developed well. I especially like episode 5 where they tell Tobias’ story. Tobias is the clueless therapist, turned actor that is trying to find himself and makes the very common mistake of thinking a Methadone support group is an acting class. He also once thought that the Blue Man Group was for depressed males. He turns everything into an acting opportunity and is quite flamboyant in his not-so-sutle, sanguine way.

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