Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

Just a heads up. Busted Tees will have 50 different tshirts on sale for $9.99/each from Midnight, August 1 to August 10. Not sure if there are limited supplies or what, but it won’t hurt to get there early to assure you get your top choices. Click on the banner to get in on the action, it’s just plain good personal finance management.

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brains-tshirt-modelA brand new, fresh take on the old story. If I only had a brain…to eat, indeed. Scarecrow’s zombie marching down the yellow brick road away from the Emerald City.

I don’t really want to mention this because it’s not pretty, so cover the kid’s ears. But you must know: Dorothy, Toto, the Cowardly Lion, Auntie Em and the dude behind the curtain ain’t looking too good right about now. And the Tin Man looks like a can of tuna opened with a hatchet. The scarecrow totally got to ’em. He, on the other hand, wears the zombie thing quite well.

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Free Favre 4 Tshirt

by on July 21, 2008

Free Favre 4 TeeYou know I moved to Milwaukee about a year and a half ago and couldn’t really care less about the Packers and this Brett Favre thing, but when I saw this tshirt I had to give it a mention. It really is a complicated situation and there’s a giant web of emotion connected to it. Many of these Packer fans don’t know what to think. Hope Favre stays retired and preserves his legacy before he craps the bed. Hope he comes back and builds on last year’s surprise success. Maim themselves if Favre is released and allowed to go to the Vikings or Bears or some unholy shit like that. Or bury themselves in brats, beer and cheese and hope that the entire complicated mess goes away…and that the Brewers win the pennant.

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i-have-no-stds-tshirt-modelYou know we all laugh at these fifties looking clip art images with funny out of place, risque quotes superimposed on clean cut guys and gals, but if you really stop and think about it, those 50s people were the original Gs. I mean, who do you think started this whole sex thing, alcohol and drugs, and rock ‘n roll. That’s right, it was the dude in the sweater vest and tie sitting in first class, putting the moves on the Betty. Fo’ sho’.

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lets-get-totally-out-of-control-tonight-tshirtAlso, remember, we don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time. Pretty much two party rules to live by.

Now, let’s get this party started with some pin the tail on the donkey. What is the origin of this game? I can’t fathom it. Some supra genius dreamed up a disembodied donkey and thought to himself, wouldn’t it be fun to put him back to together again. But after a few serious mishaps with toddlers and the donkeys they stabbed, the safety coalition decided to put it all on paper. Still, three barrels of fun, but the heavy dose of fear and danger is sorely missed. Happy Birthday.

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goodbye-elliot-free-et-tshirtET was totally sick of the sniveling Elliot by the time they made the final ascent. And that little wicker basket could not have been comfortable, so inevitably Elliot was thrown off like so much dead weight. This tshirt captures the pivotal moment, where ET frees himself of the heavy load that was Elliot. And don’t kid yourself. Elliot may have been a stupid little kid, but he knew it was coming. He knew it was inevitable. Thus, his half-hearted attempt to reach out. His feigning interest in why.

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I'm kind of a big deal tshirt as worn by Alice FraasaWearing Anchorman t shirts puts you in a very select group of sophisticated, fun-loving, successful people that love to laugh. And, if that doesn’t get you invited to the dance on Saturday night, nothing will.

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i-make-over-four-figures-a-yearNot tryin’ to brag. Just want to give others hope and inspiration. If I can be a self-made, pull myself up from my bootstraps, learn to fish success, then YOU CAN TOO! You’ll see it when you believe it. And that’s no lie. Notice it says OVER four figures, so basically I’m in the low fives. Seriously – low fives.

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blasted-pecsI’m going to keep going to the Busted Tees well, as long as they keep providing cool, fresh, sweet water in my bucket. This is another Christmas in July gem, because instead of trying to impress the ladies with hints about how you workout, you should probably just tell ’em straight up. They’re going to be all over that.

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Free Tibet T Shirt

by on July 5, 2008

Free Tibet tshirt modelYou know what Grandmaster Flash said: “It’s all about money and a damn thing funny, gotta have a car (or a Tibet) in this land of milk and honey.”

What this tshirt is so deftly trying to say is that even when you’re dealing with human rights violations and atrocities, it’s still all about the money, the marketing and the spin. Bumper stickers and tees and sloganeering are not going to cut it. In fact, nothing short of a shift in the universal mind will make any difference whatsoever, and that starts with laughing your ass off, making plays on words and simply having a good time.

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Love Means Nothing TshirtLove the play on words here. And the crossed rackets (or is it racquets) just seals the deal for a very, very solid humorific effort on tee.

Wear this to the country club, to the gas station, to the in-laws, to bed and everywhere else sophisticated humor and sharp intellectual examinations of the crumbling edifices of human relations are appreciated.

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Very Cool: Busted Tees is offering a new shirt every day for the month of July.

Supremely Cool: The first day a new shirt is for sale, it is on sale for only $13.99.

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