Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

Mohawk Mo Problems T Shirt

by on September 7, 2009

mohawk-mo-problems-tshirtThis is truth. Keepin’ it real. And not just for the Native American’s that sported this bad ass do way before you. Also, for the punks to co-opted the look in the late 70s and 80s. They to were decimated. It’s like carrying a sacred text or wearing the mark of the beast or having really bad BO. You don’t stand a chance. It’s in the cards, you got that wicked strip, then you gonna have severe grief.

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$8 Mega Sale Busted Tees

by on September 5, 2009

There’s about 9 kajillion shirts for sale at busted tees right now and they’re only $8 a pop. There are some gems in there too, including…

  • Just say no to hard drugs

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in-a-van-down-by-the-river-tshirtTalk about inspirational, Farley as motivational speaker, Matt Foley, really poured it on and made the wayward kids sit up and take notice. No way they walk away from the heavy gesticulation, table breaking and sweatiness with anything but resolve to change their ways. No more drugs, lies, cheating, drinking. It’s the straight and narrow or they’ll wind up living in a van down by the river.

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i-liked-video-games-before-they-were-cool-shirtYou’re a taste maker. You fire up the trends. You’re in too stuff way before it hits the main stream. Some people are just like this. Lightening rods for the shit that’s going to take off. And this time it was video games. You were the super nerd that had no friends and no life playing one player pong for 9 hours a day. So, props to you. ‘Cuz you parlayed your geniosity into severe nerdity in the form of 13 hours/day of WoW.

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vintage-like-your-mother-tshirtEven when it’s just jokes, the stuff about your mother can get old. Some of it’s nasty…some in poor taste…some just mean spirited. That’s why I am endorsing Vintage Like Your Mother Tshirt, because it’s a totally positive message about how your mom may be old and nasty, but just like old and nasty clothes that get a second lease on life under the guise of vintage, your Mother can get a second chance at usefulness if I just where this tshirt to your mother’s house for all family get togethers.

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time-machine-tshirtIf you’re not from the region, you may not know this, but this is a common prank in the South. Yes, we all know that time machines typically do look like your every day brown cardboard box. If the South, and this happened to me in Birmingham, AL about four times, people will actually take the time to write time machine on a box to make it look like the real deal, and then put it in a public space.

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J_Creezy_tshirtBritney Spears ain’t got nothin’ on the J_Creezy. How many followers does Jesus Christ have on Twitter? 1 trillion. Britney only has 2 million. Obama 1.6 million. Chicken feed compared to J Creez, who just happens to bust out some of the dopest tweets in the business.

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Booyah T shirt

by on June 22, 2009

booyah-tshirtYeah this shit counts in Scrabble. Don’t even bother lookin’ it up. You’re gonna lose your turn and I’m getting the triple word score, big time. So ironic…I mean when I take you out with this word and I just can’t even contain myself from shouting 2 inches from your sweaty face: “booyah.”

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Hey…I’m totally late on this deal. Times a wasting. Jump on this now, because the sale ends today at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. 111 different shirts for only $11.00 over at Busted Tees. This is a sweet deal and this isn’t just a U-Haul full of shit from Aunt Gertrude that they’re trying to unload. Some of my favorite shirts are being offered up in this deal:

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twister-teeSee I didn’t really get what the hell was going on in this shirt. I was trying to figure out what kind of farm was growing this round, candy-colored produce. Or maybe it was a play on words with that rainbow polka dot cow we’re always hearing about. Or perhaps it had to do with Dairy Queen and a bubble gum ice cream cone. But, after 29 hours straight of intense meditation, I finally figured it out.

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you-dont-know-me-tshirtFirst off, one of the biggie rules here at Tshirt Groove is take extra special care to check out the gnome shirts that come across the desk. General rule of thumb: if it’s talking gnomes it’s probably funny. This shirt is no exception.

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finkle5-tshirtJust make the field goal and none of this happens. Dolphins win the Super Bowl, Finkle remains the place kicker for Miami, the mascot doesn’t get stolen and Jim Carrey’s film career dies before we have to witness him try to go all dramatic on us. He probably also doesn’t end up marrying Jenny McCarthey. If only Finkle makes the field goal.

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