Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

So, here we have the Keep Calm and Carry On theme just like the Keep Calm and Put Bacon On Tee from Snorg Tees that was also put out this week. What kind of outlandishness is this? The same theme on the same week, how randomly lovely is that. Anyways, I love the original message for inspiring a strong get through it attitude. I dig the white on red brightness to balance out the somber messaging. And, I really dig this new developing meme, capitalizing on this public domain material that’s taking the message into wild, wild spaces.

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Of course we’re talking about Bruce Wayne’s company in the DC Universe comic series. Formerly WayneCorp, but I guess Lucius Fox thought they needed a little freshening up of the brand, so they pushed through the change to Enterprises. Good move in my opinion.

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Can’t we all get along. Instead of the drivers going insane because the pedestrians are taking too long to cross the road, and the pedestrians hating the bicyclists, because they’re way faster and still not polluting, and the bicyclists wary of the Pachycephalosaurus, because they’re one scary ass dinosaur/shrubbery, and, of course, to complete the circle Pachycephalosarus hate cars, because they have very bad motion perception and can’t tell how fast they’re going, so they’re losing great numbers as road kill.

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Hey those balcony guys Statler and Waldorf were hilarious back in the day with their evil brand of make fun, cut down, and general sarcastic humor. Of course, not sure how well it holds up to today. Then again, the Muppets Show was for kids, so how good did it have to be.

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We have actors and professional wrestlers as governors. We’ve had an actor as President. France and Italy elect porn stars. Al Franken is now a Senator after a nice career as a comedian. And, of course, George W. was a landscaper before taking his seat in the oval office, so there’s nothing wrong with campaigning for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who both host snarky faux news shows that tend to be funny. They seem to be clear thinking, bold, and brilliant dudes, so why not put them on the Democratic ticket, and take the conch in 2012.

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Unathletic T Shirt

by on October 9, 2010

Styled like the Oakland Athletics logo, this is a fine example of flipping a commonly seen image on its head, and making it humorous, so that you chuckle to yourself, while you sit in your miserable cube and the other cube prisoners wondering what sort of fucking off your doing rather than getting your work done. Little do they know you’re enjoying some of the finest t shirt humor going from our friends at Busted Tees.

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I haven’t seen the movie It’s Kind of a Funny Story starring my man crush Zach Galifianakis, and some scrubs, but the trailer looks like vintage ZG and some other interesting story lines to boot. So, I’m watching this movie when it hits the Midwest theaters. Who am I kidding? I’m not going to see this movie ’til it hits Netflix because I never leave the house. I’m almost forgot that for a second, but then I came back to my right mind.

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Venture Industries T Shirt

by on September 27, 2010

I’m so confused. This Venture Industries is a fictional umbrella organization that includes an advertising firm called Team Venture. And, these things exist in the The Venture Bros., which seems to be an animated television series on the Cartoon Network’s adult swim.

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In Back to the Future II Marty McFly uses a pink hoverboard to save the day, and, apparently it created a mass sensation. People calling Mattel (product placement logo on the board in the movie) to see when they might be available to the general public. Stories abound with Mattel canceling the hover board launch after a gruesome deadly accident happened.

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This is a hilarious shirt. I love it. The notion of some secret order that’s ruled the Earth for centuries with an mind-blowing mix of dark arts and hyper intelligence. Applying pressure to sensitive points in the entire global economy, making puppets of the most powerful leaders, this group just in the last couple decades has decided to become a little more kinder and gentler…more in touch with the youth that they’ll need to recruit to continue and realize their ultimate plan.

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Busted Tees Bundle Bonanza

by on September 27, 2010

Hey, get on over to Busted Tees and take advantage of Pat Cassel’s Crazy Busted Bundle Bonanza before it ends at 12 AM Oct. 1. Basically, the deal is any regularly priced shirts for $45, which is a pretty good deal, because usually the shirts are $20 a piece.

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Chingy like the way you do that right thurr. And so a proper grammar lesson gets hijacked by some crazy rapper that is celebrating that crazing pronunciation. Can you believe these things? In fact, Chingy named his song Right Thurr to play up the fact, he is going with his own way to say things. And, I guess you have to respect that. The song’s video has nearly 71,000 views. Got to be right with that kind of popularity. Right?

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