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Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

Lost Found T Shirt

by on November 24, 2010

This may have some implication to details in the show that I don’t know about because I never watched it. Like maybe at the end there, they figured out the entire mystery. Something about grizzly bear fart mist seeping out of a cave, knocked people out of their personal time-space continuum, and allowed them to vividly experience life on multiple dimensions. They found the cave, and gaseous animal, and everybody has found their way. They are no longer Lost, they are Found, which this is a Found T Shirt.

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Wordplay alert right here. I love this one. Camping is totally in tents. Well, I guess, literally, you could camp in a sort of lean to, or in any number of contraptions Bear Grylls could cook up, or maybe in an Airstream Trailer, but, in general, when you think of camping, you think of a tent for better or worse. And, of course, if you’re conditioned to appreciate, nay, require the little luxuries of every day modern living, then you quite possibly might think roughing it out in the woods without a bed, shower, or personal chef cooking your meals on your Viking Range is intense, which makes this lovely shirt even finer. Do you agree?

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I’m sure all you gamer geeks out there get a total kick out of this little shirt design that references The Legend of Zelda video game series. I’m not going to try and pretend that I know anything about that game because I absolutely do not, but I’m sure 26 seconds on Google will enlighten me. Ready go…

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Here’s another variation of that completely classic That’s What She Said line from The Office. You can’t get enough. I can’t get enough. She can’t get enough (TWSS….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). This will live on in infamy for the rest of all of our lives. Whoo hoo. Actually, seems kind of stupid on the surface but if you start doing it with a friend, it’s totally addictive and totally mind blowingly stupid hilarious. Sometimes you need this kind of a blow out in your life. Total goofy, dumb, laugh, cobweb clear out. Do you agree?

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What the Frak T Shirt

by on November 22, 2010

Frak is a substitute for fuck and was first used on television in the Battlestar Galactica series. Now, fark was taken by the ubiquitous “news” website, frick is nice but they probably went back to the drawing board to see if they couldn’t find something just a little bit better, and you know what…I think they did. Frak is nice. Sounds sort of science fictioning. Has a nice strong feel off the tongue. I think they did a heckuva a job. Of course, I’m still using fuck in all for all of my “F” word needs, but maybe frak will come in handy at church or when I’m lurking around the playground.

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WWF Panda Bears T Shirt

by on November 22, 2010

This is a good one. Wordplay combining Worldwide Wrestling Federation and World Wildlife Fund, and pandas starting a little fisticuffs. The WWF fake wrestling is now WWE, so that makes the reference retro which makes it that much better. Then you have the two pandas, which is some creative license because the WWF logo is one panda. You see how that works? It’s brilliant.

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A kid can dream right? Dinosaurs in super high tech astronaut suits where they can pretty much just fly around in space untethered. That is a world we can all hope for. I love the simplicity of the suit too: just a tank and an antenna to keep in touch. Nice.

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Pretty funny. You’re in the lead and close to the finish line and somebody blasts out the blue turtle shell and knocks you out, thus making the person in second place the eventual winner. So, then the blue turtle shell Second is the Best T Shirt makes perfect sense, even though really it’s only a temporary second. Maybe the shirt should say Temporary Second is the Best, but I guess that loses its punchiness, and once the succinct slips away so does the humor. So, I will approve of it, and recommend that you purchase it immediately, if you are of the gaming persuasion.

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I reviewed another variation of this concept playing on the whole This is why I’m hot song by MIMS. In that review I quoted the best line and I’m going to do it here as well, because it is comedy gold.

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Metal Gear Solid is a video game. And a dude name Colonel Campbell yell’s snake snake snaaaaake. And that’s about all I know about this shirt. Must be popular. There’s a yahoo question about it. A ton of youtube vids. An Urban Dictionary entry. That’s right. It’s big time.

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Bored of Education T Shirt

by on November 18, 2010

Nice little play on words or like we like to say in the business: wordplay. You have the Board of Education in every state meeting and determining things about the schools, trying to make them safer, better run, and the best environment for learning that they possibly can be. Of course, many school systems are failing because people are idiots, and bureaucracies like school boards suck, and we’re doing a great disservice to the children in our fine country.

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Kevin McCallister is the little dude played by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. He’s ripping around through the house alone (thus the title of the movie), and finds a picture of his mean big brother’s girlfriend. She’s a little homely, so Kevin says Buzz Your Girlfriend Woof, as in she’s a dog.

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