Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

Those is pure goofy. Though, I have to say it’s better than Puerto Rico, America’s dingleberries, or Mexico, America’s crippled leg, and such forth.

So, just on those grounds alone…the fact that this Canada America’s Hat T Shirt is not as offensive or off-putting as those other two examples,you should probably get this shirt, whether you appreciate the United States’ neighbor to the North or not. Hey…that’s a pretty sweet hat.

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This is quite clever and if you like the show then you probably need to get the 7 Day Sunny Philadelphia Forecast T Shirt. It’s funny and nice and warm you up even if it’s not sunny in your neck of the woods.

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I’m a Dog Person T Shirt

by on December 22, 2010

That dog person has a monocle and white tuxedo on, which just makes this shirt all the more creepy looking. But, I have to admit, I’m a wordplay guy, and this, my friend, is a wordplay with graphic support. Of course, if you just have I’m a dog person written on your shirt, other dog people will recognize your honesty and go “ah, isn’t that sweet.” And, non-dog people will probably avoid you…’cuz maybe they’re allergic or too busy going to hell. You may get people coming up asking what kind of dog you have. That all changes when you stick the head of a dog on the body of an elegant man. Now, you get the weirdos flocking to you like you like they had the herpes and you had the antidote (sorry Chris Rock…I just murdered your joke).

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Tim Allen busts out his meta tv show, like the Larry Sanders show, a tv show doing an inside look at a fictitious tv show. Blows your mind doesn’t it. Sure does blow mine.

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I can’t believe I haven’t already reviewed this shirt. I love basketball and I love Mexicans. And, of course, I have sombreros and sarapes in my closet, which I wear on a daily basis. How could I have missed this thing. Plus, and this is the cherry on top, it’s got bilingual wordplay. Juan on Juan instead of  one on one. And Juan is a Mexican name. Are you catching all of the intricate humor up in here. That’s nice! It’s the MBA…where increible happens.

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I know there are those out there that wanted to take sides on that ludicrous Leno-Conan debate, but really couldn’t because you liked Conan and wanted to support him, but you were afraid he was going to fall on his face and you would look like an asshole taking sides with a loser. But now, everything seems to be working out. Coco’s show on TBS is getting good ratings, it’s funny, and now it’s safe to jump on the bandwagon with the I’m With Coco T Shirt. Get it now. How many times do you have a chance to get a shirt that features a man with red hair? How many? Not that many.

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You sort of love Yosemite Mountain Bear for his enthusiasm and his passion, and the release he experienced seeing a wonderful site in nature. He gives us humor with sincerity, which is a very rare thing and worth all the attention and adulation. His video has 21.7 million views. Jimmy Kimmel has interviewed him. And, of course, there are funny t shirts dedicated to the YouTube moment.

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Helvetica T Shirt

by on December 20, 2010

It’s a font. Holy shit get the t shirt. You love it so much. It’s so awesome. It’s your preferred font. Get it. Get it now. Helvetica T Shirt. Oh my god. This changes everything. Wow. Ho boy. Helvetica. A font. Get the tshirt. Use the font in your emails. In your documents. On your webpages. And on your t shirts. Yeehaw.

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Camp Anawanna T Shirt

by on December 19, 2010

This shirt is on sale for $11 today only. Get it now.

According to the Wikipedia:

“Camp Anawanna, fictional camp featured in the early-1990s children’s television series Salute Your Shorts.”

Do you need to know any more? Apparently, there’s also a couple of real camps by the same name, including on in Monticello, NY and a  Boy Scout camp in Western Pennsylvania. What more do you want from me. I have given you everything. Now it is that time. The most important time in your life when you need to decide what you are going to do!

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Better get on over to Busted Tees and check out the buy 2 get 1 free sale they have rockin’ right now. This offer is good through December 22, so get on over there ASAP and pick out your three favorite shirts. Use coupon code NIPT4RD1.

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Busted Tees is here for your this holiday season. Having trouble what to get for some of the harder to buy for people on your list? Never fear. Busted Tees’ Holiday Gift guide is here and it will help you immensely.

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Busted Tees just keeps coming out with great deals over the holidays and today is no exception. Now, through Thursday, December 9 at 11:59 Eastern Time you can buy two tshirts or hoodies or one of each, and get one free. Throw another shirt in your order and you get free shipping. The goodies just keep coming. You just have act fast to take advantage. Make sure to use the coupon code “GIMMETHREE.”

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