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Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

This was a spectacular speech by Alan Garner and should be celebrated at every turn. Before he met his Vegas buddies he was a one man wolfpack, but now that he’s made the road trip and about to have a spectacular night, there will be more in his wolfpack. Very moving. Very powerful. That’s why everybody loves Alan, The Hangover, and the One Man Wolfpack T Shirt. It’s inspirational like Vince Lombardi.

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Greece UK Flag T Shirt

by on December 28, 2010

It’s a misdirection alert. No one will even know how to respond when you show up wearing this Greece with the UK Flag T Shirt. What can you say? And, sometimes that’s the best way to make an entrance into a room. Flabbergast everyone. All they can do is focus on you and your shirt and their minds are blank slates. They’re searching for comments, witticisms but nothing is there because the cognitive dissonance is so great.

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The shark certainly has feelings too, especially in his nose. That’s what you have to do when you get attacked by one of these vicious creatures…punch them right in the nose. It’s excruciating for them. But, maybe we’re talking about emotional type feelings, which is the point where this really starts to get funny, because sharks are made out to be just horrible, blood seeking killers with razor sharp teeth, and the picture on this Shark I Have Feelings Too T Shirt does nothing to diminish that. So, that’s funny because then you say to yourself, “ah, he’s just a big teddy bear, but really he’s a shark and you don’t want to hug him, because he will maim you.

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Kanye thought it was appropriate to wrest the microphone away from Taylor Swift and tell the audience at the VMA awards that Beyonce deserved the award that Taylor was accepting. Apparently the two have patched things up after that awkward moment, but one thing you can say for Kanye is he ain’t afraid to speak his mind no matter the consequences.

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Punching Game T Shirt

by on December 27, 2010

You remember the game. Get your body to look down and you have your thumb and forefinger together making a circle, which, of course, means, if they look you get to punch them in the arm…hard. Nice game and this Punching Game T Shirt bumps it to the next level. You’ll be punching everybody in your town with this thing on. They can’t help but look at the odd placement of artwork on the shirt and the nifty design. And, boom, you punch them. They may not get it at first, but once you explain it to them they’ll be cool with it.

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It’s one of them misdirection shirts if I do say so myself. We have a video game controller and the word “sports” which is a total disconnect, because even if you’re playing Madden you ain’t playing sports. EA Sports has no real connection to sports. Don’t let the fact that every professional athlete plays video games, and that sports video game junkies know more Xs and Os and are able to strategize better than professional coaches fool you. Nothing to do with sports. Video games drain your will, give you repetitive motion injuries, and make your mind lazy and your body fat…unless you can totally compartmentalize them into an entertainment portion of your daily routine, which, for some kids, is totally impossible.

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That’s one stylish dinosaur, and that’s the story you are going to tell the flocks of people, that come to you as you’re wearing this shirt, and ask you about the dinosaurs. Yes, you are going to tell them that dinosaurs invented shades…so forget about Ray-Ban, Oakley’s, and Blueblockers. Dinosaurs did it first and they did it best, and they would have had dominating market share had it not been for that little extinction issue.

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Prose Before Hos T Shirt

by on December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas. This shirt is on sale today only for $11. Be real, you haven’t done enough shopping and consuming. Don’t take a break and sit around the fire and Christmas tree listening to Vince Guaraldi Trio. Pull out your card and buy this shirt.

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Hey…what better way to celebrate Christmas than to think of some of the best gifts that you can possibly give, including giving your lover a dick in the box. Beautiful. Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas. What’s more appropriate than a Jesus shirt on this holiday that celebrate his birth.

What Wouldn’t Jesus Do. Another legitimate question, though in the example on the shirt they have Jesus hang gliding, which, presumably, they are saying is an adventure activity he would not participate in. But, you have to think with all the hiking, and ballsy moves like clearing out the money changers from the temple and dying for people’s sins, and being resurrected, that maybe he could handle a little adrenaline daredevil sporting type activity. So, I love What Wouldn’t Jesus Do  T Shirt because it does depict him hang gliding, which is a great way to picture Jesus, especially since he has long hair but a receding hairline. And, because he’s doing this activity in a robe and bare feet, and you can tell he’s totally  in to it.

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NASCAR Boring T Shirt

by on December 24, 2010

Hope you’re cozy. Enjoying the pre-Xmas joyous vibe with friends and/or family. Merry Christmas Eve!

This shirt is funny. I have never understood the appeal of NASCAR, and, unbelievably, the popularity of car racing has exploded in the last decade. In fact, back in December 2004, Backseat Blonde reported there were 74 million NASCAR fans. (EDITORS NOTE: Research skillz alert. Just don’t ask for the latest information. That would take another 2 minutes.). What? 74 million. That’s ridiculous. Of course, 73.99 million of them are just there to see a crash. They’re yawning and texting and talking to the fans next to them, until shit starts getting messy: cars spinning, flying, tires hitting walls, and fire. Now, all 74 million are engaged. And that’s why they call themselves fans.

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This is a nice little wordplay image misdirection combo shirt. You know how it works. Usually people are on the playground playing a game of horse, but now we have this little switcherooni and the horse is playing human. His opponent isn’t in the picture but it looks like he’s got him down to his last letter. I wonder what the rules are. Is there extra shots extra letters? Does his opponent get two shots on his final letter? What does this horse have? Is it all tied up at huma huma.

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