Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

This is what you call a clever little shirt, using a Venn Diagram to explain that aloha means both hello and goodbye in Hawaiian. Don’t you think that’s clever? Then Busted Tees takes it to the next level by making the circles that you normally see in a Venn Diagram and switching those out with speech bubbles. That is awesome, because these are words that are generally spoken to one another.

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Down For Whatever T Shirt

by on January 18, 2011

Sometimes people just aren’t that opinionated. They just kind of go with the flow. Generally, funny t shirts are opinionated, so most of them are not for the least opinionated of our brethren…until now.

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Vince Vaughn plays the dude that made with his ownership of a audio components chain called Speaker City in the movie Old School. He wants to help out his bro, Luke Wilson, that’s fallen on hard times by throwing him a big old party. That’s sweet and sweetness and compassion is why Old School, directed by Todd “The Hangover” Phillips, was beloved by all. Oh, and Will Ferrell goes streaking by himself, because no one else will join him. Those two things put this movie in the running for highest grossing film of all time, and you can be certain I am not lying when I say that.

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It’s like the Freemasons except totally funny. I mean, I’m sure if you snuck in on a top secret meeting of a secret society that would be pretty hilarious also with all the cloak and dagger shit, dipshit ritual, and old people smell…acting like they rule the world but they actually only keep the neighborhood polyester cloak fabric shop in business.

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Nice bit of wordplay here. You have misery loves company so everybody can feel connected in their lame ass, whoa is me condition. Well, same goes for states of the union. They like to be next to each other and working with each other at the borders. There’s extradition, and, of course, let’s not forget the four corners were Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona share a common tourist attraction.

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Cougar Hunter T Shirt

by on January 17, 2011

What’s the age you have to be to qualify as a cougar? I’m pretty sure the targeted boys that they look for are 25 or under. But, I’m not sure on the official cougar. 40+? I like that this shirt flips it around and the young guys are seeking out the horny housewives. I also like that that cute 20-something girl model in the image is wearing the Cougar Hunter T Shirt, like she’s looking for a May-December lesbian fling.

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Busted Tees $10 Clearance

by on January 15, 2011

Hey, get over to Busted Tees and grab a couple, few, dozen of their clearance shirts at the spectacular price of $10 per tee. It’s a great deal and they’re not reprinting any of these, so if you’ve been holding off on a certain design. Now is the time. Do it. Do not delay or you will be left crying in the gutter, homeless, destitute, and doing terrible things for change.

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If this is in reference to something I have no idea what it is. Are you telling me I’m going to need to do 19 seconds of Internet research and figure out what this means? What do I even type into Google. “Pixelated sunglasses dog with attitude?” “Deal With It Dog?” Smug dog. What’s going on here. Okay, obviously I don’t know anything. This is a rather old Internet meme. But, now I’m going to explain why the shirt is cool without knowledge of the history.

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Is this the South Park Turd, Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, behind the fence giving you a nice warm greeting? Do you live next door or on the same block as the South Park Turd. If so, then it’s only right that you take money that you have earned in an honest fashion and put it in the pockets of Busted Tees in exchange for this Hi-De-Ho-Neighbor T Shirt.

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I like this one. It rhymes which is always a solid t shirt play in my mind. It’s brief, blunt and makes a very clear point. Of course, I think the message of the Words are for Nerds T shirt may be a little convoluted in this day and age, because nerd culture is now all online, digital, gaming, etc. You don’t think of nerds as book readers any more. Book readers are more like dinosaurs now.

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I tried to watch a few clips of this on Youtube and it felt pretty dull to me, but maybe just jumping in on the middle of the thing I don’t get the full flavor. What do you think? Was Daria a funny show on TV, and was the fake cartoon inside the cartoon funny. Tell you what, if you think it was funny vote by purchasing Sick Sad World T shirt. If you don’t like the show and couldn’t care less, then go ahead and leave a comment telling me this is the case.

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Cable has Standards and Practices and there’s a two inch binder of restrictions. Slang terms for the male genitals. Penis, Sir dangles, manaconda, bananamal, the one-legged pigeon, the super soaker. And for breasts: bazangas, habbada habbadas, mahoba hobawitzes, oompa loompas, scoliosis twins. And sexual positions slang: taking grandma to Applebees, decorating the lady cake, Tokyo sandblaster.

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